Bosch DINION capture 5000 VER-L2R2-2 - CCTV camera

Category: Security cameras
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Product Id: 27142498

Description: Bosch DINION capture 5000 VER-L2R2-2 - CCTV camera - outdoor - weatherproof - B&W (Day&Night) - vari-focal - 540 TVL - composite - MJPEG, CIF, 4CIF, H.264 - DC 11 - 30 V / AC 24 V / PoE

Mfr Part #: VER-L2R2-2

MSRP: $3,140.00

The DINION capture 5000 is a specialty camera designed to capture consistent, high-quality images of vehicle license plates. Available in IP and analog versions, it is ideal for monitoring parking lots, public areas, and for controlling vehicle access.
The DINION capture 5000 overcomes the problems encountered when using conventional surveillance cameras in vehicle identification and automatic license plate recognition applications. The Night Capture Imaging System delivers a burst of infrared illumination and simultaneously filters out visible light to ensure clear license plate images in complete darkness while eliminating the negative effects of headlight glare.
Advanced Ambient Compensation minimizes plate overexposure from sunlight for more accurate automatic license plate recognition. Finally, adjustable imaging modes allow for fine-tuning the imager for specific regions or license plate recognition algorithms.
Key Points
  • DINION 2X technology produces clear, consistent, accurate plate images
  • Night Capture Imaging System ensures 24/7 performance and eliminates headlight glare
  • Advanced Ambient Compensation minimizes overexposed plates for improved ALPR accuracy
  • Adjustable imaging modes allow configuration for regional plate characteristics
  • IP and analog versions
Product Features
  • Night Capture Imaging System
    Capturing usable images of vehicle license plates is one of the most challenging problems in video surveillance, particularly at night. Typically there is not enough light on scene to properly expose the plate image and vehicle headlights only reduce the exposure making the plate image even dimmer. The DINION capture 5000 overcomes these problems by using the Night Capture Imaging System. The Night Capture Imaging system illuminates a license plate with a burst of infrared light and simultaneously filters out visible light ensuring clear license plate images 24-hours a day.
  • Advanced Ambient Compensation
    The DINION capture 5000 uses Advanced Ambient Compensation to decrease overexposure, unreadable plate images, and false ALPR readings. Advanced Ambient Compensation combines high-intensity pulsed infrared illumination, and ultra-fast shutter, and automatic mode switching to deliver a clear, consistent license plate image, day or night.