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Product Id: 26932261

Description: ExtremeZ-IP DFSConnect - License - Win - English

Mfr Part #: DFCHLAENS11

MSRP: $1,999.00

As companies with Macintosh computers look to deploy DFS in order to improve the manageability, reliability, and performance of their file server infrastructure, ExtremeZ-IP's support for DFS is critical to providing "compatibility without compromise.
Key Points
  • Empower and enable Mac users to access files on Windows servers and NAS storage
  • Reduce administrative costs as the same administrator can now support both Windows and Mac environments
  • Reduce hardware costs as the need for Mac servers to support Mac users is eliminated
  • Reduce help desk calls by as much as 40%
  • Reduce downtime in case of server restarts
  • Save space and reduce backup time with filename policies that keep improper files (e.g. MP3s) off servers
  • Deliver enterprise-class IT services, such as Distributed File System (DFS), Active Directory and network-based home directories to Mac users
  • Utilize Kerberos for single-sign on capability to all Windows-based systems
  • Enable Mac users to self-restore files with Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) previous versions support
  • Leverage Windows file servers as the target drives for Mac's Time Machine desktop backups with simple, fully Mac-compatible file servers access
  • Find files fast - and even leverage Mac's built-in Network Spotlight to help find files even faster
  • Maintain the integrity of the Mac experience
Product Features
  • Network reshare
    Traditionally, ExtremeZ-IP has been able to share files that reside directly on the server ExtremeZ-IP is installed on, as well as on any storage that is directly attached to that server. Network Reshare allows an ExtremeZ-IP server to make files available that reside on other Windows servers or NAS devices that support the standard Windows file sharing (SMB/CIFS) protocol. This capability allows a customer to deploy one ExtremeZ-IP server that can provide AFP access files on other Windows servers and NAS devices.
  • Full support for the Apple Filing Protocol (AFP)
    Designed for the Macintosh, AFP is the recommended file sharing protocol for Mac devices and has been enhanced with each release of Mac OS X. ExtremeZ-IP remains the only Windows server to be fully compatible with the Mac OS X AFP protocol.
  • Integrates with Active Directory
    Simplifies server administration by allowing Mac clients to be authenticated directly against Active Directory on logon. ExtremeZ-IP enforces the Windows file permissions configured on your file server for all Mac clients - you get exactly what you intended. File permissions can be set directly using standard Windows administrator tools.
  • File name policy enforcement
    ExtremeZ-IP gives administrators the flexibility to define and enforce file naming policies on their server. Policy enforcement keeps files that break naming policies out of important workflows, delivers improved compatibility between Mac, Windows and other platforms without Administrator intervention, and results in better utilization of disk space by keeping files off the server that don't belong there.
  • No client software is required
    ExtremeZ-IP's core file server functionality leverages the AppleShare client built into every Mac.
  • Reconnect seamlessly
    Supports the "reconnect" facilities of the AFP protocol, which allows a Mac that loses connectivity to the server to seamlessly re-establish connectivity, authentication, and all of its open files without data loss. ExtremeZ-IP is the only AFP server besides Apple's XServe that supports this technology.
  • Supports Microsoft clustering
    Provides increased availability, scalability, and support for server consolidation efforts. ExtremeZ-IP supports fast failover with no indexing at startup, as well as multi-node clustering configurations. Multiple virtual servers can be supported per cluster node, with each virtual server running in its own memory space to provide for better stability and scalability.
  • Immediate startup
    Eliminates the need to index volumes at startup, providing higher availability and significantly reduced downtime in case of server restarts. Other solutions require hours to index in some situations.
  • Force PPD download
    Reduces print errors due to incorrectly installed PPDs and improves ease of use for users by automatically downloading and installing the correct PPD and hiding all options from the end user. Administrators can specify which PPD is used for each print queue.
  • Built in accounting
    Increase your control over enterprise-wide printing with ExtremeZ-IP Print Accounting, print-tracking software. ExtremeZ-IP Print Accounting is compatible with most software packages on Mac OS X, supports printing via TCP/IP or AppleTalk protocol, and works with any print spooler or printer.