Canon REALiS SX6000 LCOS projector

Category: Computer screen projector
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Product Id: 26930974

Description: Canon REALiS SX6000 - LCOS projector - 6000 lumens - SXGA+ (1400 x 1050) - 4:3 - standard lens

Mfr Part #: 5749B017

MSRP: $6,799.00

Responding to the most important needs of their users, the new Canon REALiS SX6000 projectors deliver a combination of excellent image quality together with high brightness. In addition to their AISYS-enhanced LCOS projection system, another reason for the improved image quality of the new models is their exceptional aperture ratio. (Aperture ratio refers to the percentage of each pixel that is used for projected image data.) The higher the aperture ratio, the less visible space there is between pixels in the projected image, leading to higher image quality at comparable resolutions.