Juniper Networks JUNOS Space Network Director - license

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Product Id: 26905064

Description: Juniper Networks JUNOS Space Network Director - License - 10 devices

Mfr Part #: JS-NETDIR-10

MSRP: $500.00

Network managers face new challenges because of the rapid increase in wireless devices and applications created for them. In the face of that, the ability to see and manage many devices and device types in a BYOD environment with unified policy, and the ability to smoothly run identity-based management campus networks is the lifeblood of network managers' daily job.
Junos Space Network Director provides a single pane of glass view into both the wired and wireless networks, and creates a holistic, full lifecycle management solution for the network.
Key Points
  • Critical elements of advanced management applications by providing operational efficiency, expedited error free service roll-out, enhanced visibility and fast troubleshooting
  • Operational efficiency by employing a correlated view of various networks elements
  • Faster roll-out and activation of services while protecting against configuration errors with profile-based configuration and configuration pre-validation
  • Single pane of glass management that provides a unified view of the network infrastructure including a correlated view of overlay services and user experience on top of network infrastructure
  • Tracks aggregated utilization, network hotspots, failures, correlated RF data and usage to a user level providing deep visibility and easy troubleshooting of connectivity, equipment and general failures
Product Features
  • Build mode - for planning and building your network
    Create configurations, discover device, view inventory, and validate configuration.
  • Deploy mode - allows you to configure and deploy
    Deploy configurations, manage images, and reconcile configuration.
  • Monitor mode - visualize and monitor your network
    Monitor traffic, device utilization, sessions, device status, and perform troubleshooting.
  • Fault mode - tracks faults in your network
    Manages fault lifecycle, provides annotation of faults, search capability, and notification.
  • Report - allows you to create reports on network performance
    Reports created in CSV, HTML, or PDF formats. Features archiving, usage, fault, inventory, audit trail based reports.