Fortinet Fortibalancer 3000 - Application accelerator - 10Mb LAN, 100Mb LAN, GigE - 2U - NFR - rack-mountable

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Product Id: 26821818

Description: Fortinet Fortibalancer 3000 - Application accelerator - GigE - 2U - NFR - rack-mountable

Mfr Part #: FBL-3000-NFR

MSRP: $95,995.00

Fortinet FortiBalancer series of application delivery controller optimizes the availability, user experience, performance and scalability of mobile, cloud and enterprise application delivery from anywhere-to-anywhere. The FortiBalancer appliance is designed for fast, secure and intelligent acceleration of demanding applications and traffic aggregation in enterprises of all sizes. The feature rich appliance form factor results in ease of integration with traditional data centers, virtualized data centers and cloud infrastructures, while delivering outstanding business value.
The FortiBalancer appliance series of application delivery appliances are unique in their ability to provide unparalleled scalability and performance in compact 1 U and 2 U form factors. The FortiBalancer series appliance utilizes multi-core processor technology and ASIC acceleration for linear scalability. This enables the FortiBalancer series appliances to handle heavy Layer 4 through 7 traffic loads while delivering unmatched performance and scalability for small, medium and large enterprises.
Key Points
  • Intelligent traffic management for optimized application delivery and availability
  • Server offloading for improved application acceleration, scale and TCO
  • Local/global load balancing and clustering for 99.999% application uptime
  • Built-in caching, compression, SSL processing and TCP connection multiplexing for up to 50% or more improvement in user experience
  • ASIC accelerated SSL offload for securing and protecting applications without impacting performance
  • Browser based web user interface for ease of management
  • Appliance form factor for simplified deployment
Product Features
  • Application availability
    The FortiBalancer series of appliance delivers 99.999% uptime for enterprise application services with intelligent local, global and link load balancing. This appliance provides health check mechanisms for automatic fail over of application services.
  • Application aware intelligence and control
    The application aware appliance eliminates application performance bottlenecks, reduces application deployment complexity and provides seamless application integration. This appliance is fully aware of Layers 4 through 7 application traffic, connections, transactions, and content. This enables IT departments to create event-driven policies for intelligent distribution of application traffic across web and application servers, while eliminating the need to replicate content across multiple servers. Using the platform APIs, IT administrators can integrate FortiBalancer appliance with virtualized IT infrastructures to dynamically provision IT resources based on real-time application traffic demands.
  • SSL and server offloading
    Response times and server utilization are dramatically increased as the FortiBalancer series appliances offloads server intensive 1024-bit and 2048-bit SSL processing, TCP connection management, data compression and HTTP request processing from servers.
  • Unified voice, video and data delivery
    The FortiBalancer series appliance is optimized for unified delivery of voice, video and data application services with its rich set of load balancing and content switching policies. This appliance can support multiple virtual IPs for enabling individual application services, with a given set of availability, acceleration and security policies that are specific to delivering voice, video or data.