CyberPower Essential Series CSB100W - surge suppressor

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Product Id: 26807751

Description: CyberPower Essential Series CSB100W - Surge protector - AC 125 V - output connectors: 1

Mfr Part #: CSB100W

MSRP: $6.95

The CyberPower Essential Series CSB100W surge protector is ideal for home/office protection with 900 joules, 1 outlet, and wall tap plug. The single outlet surge protector is perfect for environments were only a single device will require power protection. It works great for protecting your personal computers, wireless/VoIP routers, cable/DSL modems, tablet chargers and other personal electronics. The CSB100W features one outlet, a wall tap plug for direct plug in, MOV technology to guard the surge protector and connected electronics against line abnormalities and lightning surges, while EMI/RFI filters block unwanted line noise.
Key Points
  • 1 surge protected outlet
  • Compact design for single device protection
  • 900 joules of surge protection
  • Wall tap plug
  • EMI/RFI noise filters
Product Features
  • MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor)
    MOV technology allows normal current to pass through the device, while diverting any surge/spikes through the ground circuit. This safely protects all connected electronics along with the surge protector itself.
  • EMI/RFI filters
    Filters against electromagnetic interference and radio frequency interference ensuring clean power for connected equipment.