NetOp Remote Control Host - ( v. 11.1 ) - license

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Product Id: 26662837

Description: NetOp Remote Control Host - (v. 11.1) - license - 1 host - NOLP - 250-499 licenses - Linux, Win, OS/2, Mac, Solaris

Mfr Part #: H2NOLP499-1110

The Netop Remote Control Host can now use System authentication to further help prevent unauthorized access.
This option will be enabled by default when performing a installation of Netop Remote Control Host on any Linux or Mac system. This authentication method uses the locally active user accounts defined on the Linux or Mac system. The connecting Guest will need to provide a valid username and password in order for the remote support session to take place.
When enabled, any local accounts defined on the host machine can be used by the guest to access the host system. These accounts will use the 'default role' which allows all remote control privileges, however you can further customize the privileges for specific user accounts by either creating local security roles in the Host Manager or by using the Netop Security Server.