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Product Id: 26661389

Description: Secure Copy - License + 1 Year 24x7 Maintenance - 1 server - ESD - Win

Mfr Part #: SFA-SCL-PB-247

MSRP: $620.00

Secure Copy is an automated data migration solution that easily copies files and folders, NTFS security, file shares, local users and groups and compressions settings - whether migrating to a server, consolidating file servers or moving to a NAS/SAN solution.
Now administrators and IT staff can migrate data in a shorter amount of time and run the reports necessary to effectively manage their data projects.
Key Points
  • Minimize the amount of time needed to set up new file servers without compromising security
  • Perform data migrations, consolidations and replications with minimal effort using multi-threaded copying architecture
  • Avoid security weaknesses by copying data with security intact and avoiding manual recreation of file permissions
  • Recreate file shares and file compression settings automatically during migration
  • Migrate users onto new file servers whenever it is most convenient and least disruptive to business
  • Enable an administrator without permissions to copy files using Secure Copy's "Administrator Override" feature
Product Features
  • Copy data and permissions - on files and shares
    Don't just copy files - copy their permissions on files and even on file shares. Users retain exactly the access they had on the source file.
  • Migrate local users and groups
    Have permissions assigned to a local user or group? Migrate those automatically to the destination, ensuring that permissions remain intact. Or, migrate local users and groups into Active Directory to consolidate your security.
  • Filter while copying
    Want to skip all those MP3 or temporary files that have cluttered up your file servers? No problem: Filter based on file type, last access time, last modification time and other file attributes and criteria.
  • Manage file attributes
    Maintain or set all file attributes, ensuring that "last access", "last modified", "archived" and other attributes remain intact on the destination to ensure consistency.
  • Improve performance through a multi-threaded architecture
    Drastically improve performance by copying files in parallel, especially when copying many smaller files. Maximize network throughput and be more efficient while cutting data migration times in half.
  • Throttle bandwidth
    Run jobs during business hours with minimal production impact by intelligently throttling bandwidth utilization, even across low-bandwidth WAN links.
  • Copy inaccessible files
    Copy even files to which you don't have access by using Administrator Override. No need to manually take ownership of files or change file access prior to the migration - just let Secure Copy handle it for you.
  • Copy open or locked files
    Rely on Windows' native volume shadow copy service to grab snapshots of open files, enabling you to migrate consistent point-in-time copies of data that may be locked by another process.
  • Perform phased migrations
    Enable phased migrations through data synchronization, keeping all of your users online and productive until you're ready to cut over to the new server. You can perform full, incremental and differential copy jobs.
  • Schedule migrations
    Using Windows' native Scheduled Tasks and Secure Copy's intuitive interface, you can easily schedule copy jobs to automatically take place during off-hours or after an import is complete, even when you're not there to babysit. You can even run tasks via batch files automatically before or after a migration job, saving time by automating tasks - such as starting a service - you would perform manually before or after the migration.
  • Execute from the command line
    Execute and schedule jobs right from the command line, making Secure Copy fully accessible from batch files, runbook automation tools and other automation interfaces.
  • Take advantage of job import templates
    Create multiple, consistent copy jobs from a single template, helping to ensure the best results every time.
  • Update user and file information
    Point home paths, profile paths and other data paths to the new server with ease. Secure Copy's Update Utilities enable users to access all of their data quickly after the migration. Without Secure Copy, someone would have to manually edit each user account in Active Directory. Update Utilities also migrate printers online, update hyperlinks and OLE links in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, as well as update shortcuts to files, folders and computers.
  • Take advantage of predefined reports
    Numerous predefined reports draw from Secure Copy's detailed job logs, quickly summarizing the status and details of any data migration job.
  • Log job results
    Gain peace of mind with incredibly detailed logging of each copy job, down to individual files, ensuring that the right data is being migrated successfully. Each log also contains detailed error information, along with comprehensive explanations for skipped or purged files.
  • Track job status with dashboards
    Track job status with at-a-glance graphs and gauges, including performance, migration status by file type and more.
  • Perform post-migration analysis
    Get post-migration statistics on migrated data, helping maintain the security and control needed even for highly regulated environments.