Eaton PSPD 120 - surge suppressor

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Product Id: 26410817

Description: Eaton PSPD 120 - Surge protector - AC 120/240 V - Split-Phase

Mfr Part #: PSPD120240S2K

MSRP: $2,085.00

Eaton's PSPD series surge protective devices are the most advanced UL81449 3rd Edition certified surge protectors. Application of PSPD series units throughout a facility will ensure that equipment is protected with the safest and most reliable surge protective devices available. Units are available in all common voltages and configurations, and also in a variety of surge current capacity ratings from 50 through 400 kA.
Key Points
  • Utilizes thermally protected metal oxide varistor (MOV) technology
  • 50 through 400 kA surge current capacity ratings
  • Factory-sealed assembly prevents arc flash and shock hazards
  • Contains no replaceable parts or items that require periodic maintenance
Product Features
  • Makes surge suppression safer than ever
    The PSPD series employs safety and design features that make surge protection safer than ever. Unlike many surge protective devices, the unit contains no user-serviceable parts or items that require periodic maintenance, such as replaceable surge modules, replaceable fuses, surge counter memory backup batteries or wire lugs that require periodic retightening. All PSPD series units are factory-sealed, meaning no potential contact with harmful voltages present within the unit is possible.
  • Prewired
    All units are prewired at the factory and contain a factory-installed conduit interface, making installation very easy. Simply mount the unit, perform any required conduit runs and land all required wires to the electrical assembly the unit is being interfaced with. No internal wiring connections or access to the inside of the unit is required.
  • Factory-sealed
    All units are factory-sealed. This preventive safety measure eliminates potential arc flash and shock hazards, as the user/installer has no chance of coming into contact with energized elec-trical components within the unit. In addition, the unit contains no user-replaceable or serviceable items, such as surge modules, fuses, backup batteries for the surge counter's memory or wire lugs that require periodic retightening. Factory-sealing all units, coupled with the lack of replaceable items, further increases user safety, as no contact with live electrical parts is neither possible nor necessary.
  • Compact size
    PSPD series units are compact in size, taking up less space in the electrical room. Units housed in NEMAT 1 rated enclosures in the 50 kA through 200 kA surge current capacity range are housed in a 74-square-inch enclosure that is only 3.5 inches deep. Units housed in NEMA 1 rated enclosures in the 250 kA through 400 kA surge current capacity range are also housed in a 74-square-inch enclosure that is only 6.0 inches deep.
  • Enhanced protection status indicators
    The PSPD series has elevated the features normally found within surge protective devices to the next level. Unlike many surge protectors that may have only single-colored indicators that simply indicate whether power is applied to the surge protective device, each unit includes dual-colored protection status light emitting diodes (LEDs) that indicate the true status of the protection.