Quest Privileged Account Management Base Software Module - license

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Product Id: 26367143

Description: Quest Privileged Account Management Base Software Module - License + 1 Year 24x7 Maintenance - 1 appliance

Mfr Part #: BSM-DMZ-PB-247

MSRP: $11,330.00

Quest One helps you control and audit administrative access with privileged credentials through granular delegation and command control, keystroke logging and session audit, policy-based control, and secure and automated workflows. This approach enhances security and compliance while improving the efficiency of administering superuser access. Administrators are granted only the rights they need - nothing more, nothing less - and all activity is tracked and audited.
Key Points
  • Enterprise-wide control of administrative access
  • Improved efficiency, security and compliance
  • Simple tracking and auditing for all privileged activities
Product Features
  • Privilege safe
    Automate and secure the request, approval, issuance, return and automatic changing of administrative credentials across the entire diverse enterprise with a comprehensive audit trail of the process. Delivered via a secure, hardened appliance, the Quest One solution also overcomes the security concerns of passwords hard-coded into scripts as applications communicate with other applications or databases.
  • Granular delegation and command control
    Improve security and achieve compliance by implementing agent-based granular delegation of administrative access on Unix and Linux systems, as well as Active Directory and virtual desktops. Quest One also provides proxy-based command control for multiple operating systems, including Windows, Unix, Linux and Mac, as well as a variety of devices. The Quest One approach enables organizations to provide only the appropriate amount of access required for administrators to do their jobs across the widest range of systems and applications.
  • Indelible audit trails
    Gain comprehensive audit of activities performed with elevated privileges across a variety of systems. Capabilities include keystroke logging for delegated root access, including through Sudo, proxy-based session audit of activities on Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac, Web applications, databases, mainframes and devices, and complete tracking of policy and activities associated with the privilege safe.
  • Policy-based authorization
    Base elevated access on strong policy and group membership within Active Directory—including support for Unix and Linux—and on dedicated, platform-specific policies within the delegation tools themselves. This strategy eliminates ad-hoc, box-by-box authorizations across the entire population of non-Windows systems.
  • Multifactor authentication
    Strengthen administrative access security with multifactor authentication for pre-determined actions, roles or systems. Quest One integrates its multifactor authentication solutions with Active Directory (and AD-based role management solutions), non-Windows systems and platform-specific privileged account delegation tools.
  • Centralized sudo administration
    Streamline administration and easily provide access control reporting for sudo. The Quest One solution enhances sudo 1.8.1 (and newer) with a central policy server, centralized management of sudo and the sudoers policy file, centralized reporting on sudoers access rights and activities, as well as keystroke logging of activities performed through sudo.