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Description: LapLink PCmover Ultimate - Box pack - Win


MSRP: $49.95

Setting up a new PC has never been easier. PCmover is the only software that moves programs, files and settings from your old PC to your new PC. With PCmover, there is no need to find old CDs or serial numbers, because your programs are ready to use on your new PC.
The easy-to-use wizard will guide you in selecting which programs, files and settings you want on your new PC. When complete, your new computer will have the personality and functionality of your old PC. And, PCmover is safe - it removes nothing from your old PC, won't overwrite anything on your new PC and includes an easy "Undo" feature.
PCmover Ultimate includes, PCsync and a Laplink High-Speed transfer cable. PCsync offers powerful, easy and fast file transfer and automated synchronization between PCs and Macs. The Laplink High-Speed transfer cable ensures fast transfer speeds with every use.
Some products transfer files but not programs. Other products transfer your entire PC into a "Virtual Machine" (VM) on your new PC, a time-consuming and complicated process that still leaves you using your old operating system - you haven't completely moved to your new PC! And, to legally use your old operating system in the VM probably requires buying an additional Windows license, forcing you to spend more money or unknowingly break your license agreement. Only PCmover actually moves your selected files, settings and applications ready-to-use. And that is why PCmover is the #1 best-selling migration solution.
Key Points
  • Application selectivity - choose which applications you'd like moved over to your new PC
  • Folder & file selectivity - select which folders and file types you don't want to transfer to your new PC
  • Complete migration - transfer everything you want - all your programs, files, and settings - in one easy move
  • Multiple transfer options - choose from Laplink USB cables, Laplink Ethernet cable, removable media or a wired/wireless network to do the transfer
  • Easy-To-Use Wizard interface - click through a simple wizard to set up the move
  • Undo feature - quickly reverse a migration at any time with PCmover's easy 'undo' feature
  • Moves your PC's programs, files, and settings like Microsoft Office, design programs, photos, videos, Desktop backgrounds, shortcuts, browser settings, etc.
  • Now includes support for migrating directly from an old hard-drive or mounted image using new Image Assistant migration method
  • SMS Alert notification feature for sending migration status updates
  • Synchronize files and folders automatically between PCs using PCsync
Product Features
  • Easy-to-Use Wizard
    Just install PCmover on both of your computers and use the wizard to start transferring everything you want to your new PC.
  • Complete selectivity
    Automatically copy the applications, files and folders you choose to your new PC. Programs are set up by PCmover and ready to use.
  • "Undo" feature
    Quickly reverse changes made to your new PC with PCmover's easy undo feature.
  • Set it and forget it
    You start the transfer and walk away. PCmover does the rest.
  • User profile selectivity
    Transfer all or selected user profiles including related settings in one easy step.