Microsemi Adaptec Flash Module 700 - Memory backup battery - for RAID 71605, 71605E, 71605Q, 71685, 72405, 7805, 7805Q

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Product Id: 26305154

Description: Microsemi Adaptec Flash Module 700 - Memory backup battery - for RAID 71605, 71605E, 71605Q, 71685, 72405, 7805, 7805Q

Mfr Part #: 2275400-R

ZMCP is available for Adaptec Series 7 adapters as an optional Adaptec Flash Module (AFM-700) and is preinstalled on all Series 7Q models supporting Adaptec's maxCache 3.0 SSD caching feature. The modular aspect of the AFM-700 gives data centers the exibility of adding ZMCP at any time, depending on their needs and budgetary parameters.
AFM-700 features 2 GB of NAND ash memory and super capacitor technology that work together to save cached data in the event of system power loss. e super capacitor charges while the system is booting to provide instant cache protection upon startup. When the module detects loss of power, the super capacitor keeps critical parts of the RAID adapter active long enough to allow data to be copied from the onboard adapter cache to the ash memory.
Once the data has been copied, the ash memory can store it for years without power. When power is returned to the RAID adapter, the data in the ash memory is copied back to the onboard adapter cache and operation resumes as normal with all outstanding I/O requests intact.
Lastly, with its monitoring features (real-time health and instant capacity monitoring), data center administrators can instantly check the temperature, capacity and remaining lifetime of the super capacitor through Adaptec maxView Storage Manager, a web-based interface that makes it simple to view, monitor, and configure all Adaptec RAID adapters in a system, without disrupting operations or impacting performance.
Key Points
  • Add-on module for Adaptec Series 7 RAID adapters
  • Real time health monitoring
  • Charges in minutes instead of hours
  • RAID performance optimized immediately
  • Stores protected data for years
  • No need to monitor battery charge level
  • No shutdown required for battery replacement
  • No monitoring, maintenance, replacement or disposal costs due to batteries
  • No data loss from power failures
  • Single-Level Cell (SLC) flash
  • No toxic battery disposal
  • Simplified IATA compliance