Minuteman Remote Power Manager RPM2082HVI - power distribution unit

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Product Id: 26303306

Description: Minuteman Remote Power Manager RPM2082HVI - Power distribution unit (rack-mountable) - AC 208 V - Ethernet - input: NEMA 6-20 - output connectors: 8 - 1U

Mfr Part #: RPM2082HVI

MSRP: $509.00

The Minuteman RPM (Remote Power Manager) is the ultimate power nerve center for controlling multiple network devices and services. With a single Minuteman RPM, you can individually control AC power for up to eight connected devices such as servers, hubs, routers, modems, and telephone systems.
The Minuteman Remote Power Manager (RPM) is the ideal solution for network administrators who manage one or more remote locations. Once connected to the network, you can easily control it from virtually anywhere using a standard web browser and your password. For example, you can reboot a locked network router in another city by simply resetting the outlet to which the router is attached.
Key Points
  • Allows fail-safe rebooting from any telephone (cell or landline) - to a dedicated RPM line
  • Allows scheduling of tasks
  • Offers password-protected security levels
  • Configure and control RPM units worldwide through most standard web browsers using a single network IP address
  • Protect against spikes and surges with a surge energy rating of 950 Joules
  • Accommodates RPM technology with most network and security protocols
  • Daisy-chain" as many as 15 additional Minuteman RPM client nodes to each RPM master unit
  • Manage as many as 128 devices with a single network IP address
  • Manage devices from anywhere in the world
Product Features
  • LAN connection
    Most users connect it to their LAN using a standard Ethernet connection.
  • Telephone access
    Unlike other power management units, the Minuteman RPM gives you control via a telephone with no additional modem required - a very useful feature when your network locks up or becomes inoperable and no network connection is available. You can call your master RPM unit from anywhere in the world and, using the touchtone keypad, enter your password and key in commands to reset devices as needed.
  • External modem
    You can also connect an external modem to the Minuteman RPM via its built-in RS-232 port to dial-up to the Internet. Once connected, the RPM emails you that it is connected to the Web with a specific address, allowing you to control the RPM through a Web browser, just as if it were connected to the LAN.
  • Scheduled event control
    You can preset a day of the week and a specific time to start-up and shutdown individual devices.
  • Additional notifications
    To keep you informed of events such as a server shutdown, the RPM can submit its notifications via pagers or network broadcast messages.