Rocstor RocPro 900e - hard drive - 3 TB - FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 / eSATA-300

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Product Id: 26300703

Description: Rocstor RocPro 900e - Hard drive - 3 TB - external - FireWire 800 / USB 3.0 / eSATA-300 - 7200 rpm - silver

Mfr Part #: G269N2-01

MSRP: $239.95

Integrated, and assembled in the United States to satisfy the requirements of demanding audio and video professionals, the Rocpro line can support a Solid State Drive "SSD" or a fast SATA high-capacity 3.5" hard drive, and has a unique stylish and ruggedized design that will complement any desktop. It features a recycled aluminum case that can be conveniently stacked or mounted vertically. With its built-in power supply and fan-less and quiet operation, the Rocpro can be easily moved from one desktop environment to another using the provided carrying case.
The Rocpro 900e is made with aluminum alloy, making this enclosure both ruggedized and durable. An exclusive shock-absorbing mechanism is built into the enclosure. Its function is to keep the hard drive secure within the casing, while dissipating the heat produced by the hard drive.
The built-in power supply offers the user added convenience by eliminating the need to carry nonstandard and sometimes hefty adaptors and cables that are normally required to power typical hard drives. The power supply contained in the Rocpro line is auto-switchable 240 VA/100 VA (will work internationally) and uses any standard computer cable, no matter what country you are in. In addition, due to the heat dissipating automatically through the enclosure, there is no fan installed, which makes the device virtually silent while it is operating, which makes the device virtually silent while it is operating.
Key Points
  • Desktop and/or portable external storage drive
  • Aluminum casing
  • Built-in power supply
  • Incorporates SATA hard drive
  • Enhanced with shock-absorbents mechanism
  • Direct (AC) plug into electricity (no bulky adaptor required)