Black Box 3D HDMI CATx Extender - video/audio extender

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Product Id: 26089006

Description: Black Box 3D HDMI CATx Extender - Video/audio extender - up to 60 m

Mfr Part #: VX-HDMI-TP-3D40M

MSRP: $191.85

The affordably priced 3D HDMI CATx Extender makes it easy to extend digital video from a source to a distant 3D screen in a lobby or other high-traffic area.
Because the extender can transmit over solid copper cabling already installed in your building, it's easy to put your 3D screens in spaces where your target audiences frequent - and you don't have to pull any cables and/or sacrifice video quality in the process. It's perfect for applications that require greater distance for high-quality video resolutions on HDTV and 3D displays.
Configuration is minimal. You select your video and audio type, as well as activate the learning of EDID info from the remote display, using the 8-position rotary switch on the transmitter.
To minimize skew over long cable distances, the 3D HDMI CATx Extender features adjustable eight-level equalization control on its receiver. Adjusting the equalization strength optimizes the video signal for transmitting greater distances between the source and display.
Key Points
  • Your solution for locating 3D signage in all areas of your business
  • A low-priced, fully transparent HDMI extender designed to support all resolutions
  • Extends the transmission up to 130 feet from the HDMI source at Full HD 1080p 24-bit color
  • Provides pure, unaltered transmission of 7.1-channel HDMI with zero compression
  • Provides full 3D screen support
  • HDMI deep color capable for vivid color depth
  • Wallmountable for space-saving installation
  • No software or driver installation required
  • Features electrostatic-discharge protection