Black Box Wizard Multimedia Extender LP Receiver - video extender

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Product Id: 26088992

Description: Black Box Wizard Multimedia Extender LP Receiver - Video extender - up to 152.4 m

Mfr Part #: AVU4001A-RX

MSRP: $141.00

The receiver featured here enables you to use CATx wiring already installed in your building to extend Full HD 1080p video. The Wizard Multimedia Extender LP broadcasts maximum resolutions at maximum distances - going farther than what's ordinary possible or practical with standard VGA cabling runs.
The receiver is line powered from the transmitter end via the CATx cable, so there's no need for a bulky power supply. This feature makes it ideal for rooms where you're short on outlets, as well as reducing the number of cords around or behind screens.
The receiver also features video adjustment to control picture sharpness on your connected video screen. Just use a screwdriver to adjust the sharpness of the video image.
Key Points
  • Extends maximum resolutions at a maximum distance
  • No need for external power
  • Great for video in areas short on outlets
  • System supports cloning of EDID information from the remote display
  • Offers quick, easy setup
  • OS system independent
  • High-impact injection molded design
  • Hides easily out of sight