Black Box VGA Video Splitter 2-Channel - video splitter - 2 ports - desktop

Category: Peripheral switch boxes
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Product Id: 26088989

Description: Black Box VGA Video Splitter 2-Channel - Video splitter - 2 x VGA - desktop

Mfr Part #: AC056A-R4

MSRP: $314.25

Sharp images. Long-distance video distribution. The versatility to handle a variety of applications, in any kind of environment. These qualities - and more - have made the Black Box VGA Video Splitter an industry favorite.
A single splitter enables you to transmit displays from your CPU to two monitors 250 feet (76.2 m) away. And if you cascade multiple splitters, you can transmit to as many monitors as necessary. What's more, the 300 MHz bandwidth provides clear images at any resolution - VGA, SVGA, and XGA.
Setup is simple. Just connect the cables from all monitors to a splitter and flip a few DIP switches. That's all it takes to project what's on your PC's screen to multiple monitors.
Key Points
  • Adds power to displays, demonstrations, classrooms, even manufacturing facilities
  • Cascade units to transmit to as many monitors as you want
  • Quick setup, just plug in your monitors and snap a few DIP switches
  • The 300 MHz bandwidth gives you sharp images at any resolution: VGA, SGA, and XGA