F-Secure Business Suite - subscription license ( 1 year )

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Description: F-Secure Business Suite - Subscription license ( 1 year ) - 1 machine - volume - level C ( 100-499 ) - International


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F-Secure Business Suite combines all the essential components needed for protecting business networks against modern Internet threats. F-Secure Business Suite protects workstations, servers, gateways, and e-mail servers, all of which can be centrally managed from a single location. The Suite provides uncompromised security to keep your business safe. Its components are optimized to be light for a minimum impact on system performance. Usage, updating and purchasing are all designed to be as simple as possible, while meeting even the complex requirements of large and small companies.
Key Points
  • Great value for investment: complete protection for the network, easy license management and less time required for administration
  • End-to-end protection for laptops, desktops, servers, e-mail and web filtering
  • The latest in-the-cloud technologies make real-time security updates available globally within 60 seconds after a new threat is confirmed
  • Integration with F-Secure Policy Manager for easy configuration, enforcement and monitoring of security policies from a single console
  • Automatic daily virus, spam and spyware updates with minimal bandwidth use, ensuring always up-to-date protection
  • All suite components are optimized to have a minimal impact on system performance without compromising data security
Product Features
  • Protection for laptops and desktops
    F-Secure Business Suite protects business laptops and desktops against all online threats, including viruses, spyware and unauthorized intrusion attempts. DeepGuard technology provides proactive protection against new threats. Its real-time protection network provides global security updates in less than 60 seconds when new threats are confirmed.
  • Protection for servers
    F-Secure Business Suite ensures that users who connect to company file servers with infected machines do not spread malware further into the network. The Suite includes protection for Windows and Citrix servers.
  • Protection for e-mail and web filtering
    F-Secure Business Suite safeguards e-mail (SMTP) and filters web traffic (HTTP and FTP) by removing malicious content. It stops viruses from internal e-mail traffic and communication between remote offices, and also filters annoying spam messages effectively and accurately.
  • Always up-to-date protection
    Unique proactive protection capabilities in the Business Suite provide protection for emerging threats that are yet to be identified. In addition to proactive technologies, traditional signature based antivirus updates are also required to ensure maximum protection. Sophisticated update mechanisms ensure that the most up-to-date protection level is delivered automatically and efficiently.
  • Extensive central management
    With F- Secure Policy Manager all security applications can be centrally installed, configured and updated from a single console. The administrator can also easily define and distribute security policies and keep track of the network by generating extensive reports on its security status.
  • In-the-cloud real-time protection network
    Modern malware can break into computers even if there are up-to-date security components installed. F-Secure is the first antivirus vendor in the world to release a real-time protection network that enables global protection within seconds from the first confirmation of a new threat. This is based on F-Secure DeepGuard, a technology that uses "in-the-cloud" computing to provide instant protection against new threats.
  • Protection against Web exploits
    The Web browser is one of the most important business applications today. At the same time it is the number one target for exploits. F-Secure Business Suite includes advanced technology which enables carefree browsing and helps the user by visualizing the authenticity of the content.
  • Consistent track record of F-Secure security lab
    Antivirus products are only as good as the research and dedication behind them. That is why F-Secure Anti-Virus is consistently ranked at the top when compared with competing products.