Jabra UC Voice 750 MS Duo Dark - headset

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Product Id: 26071535

Description: Jabra UC Voice 750 MS Duo Dark - Headset - on-ear - dark

Mfr Part #: 7599-823-309

MSRP: $89.00

The Jabra UC Voice 750 is a corded headset designed specifically for unified communications deployments. The headset is ideal for the office professional who often uses UC voice applications. It features a lightweight design for maximum comfort all-day long.
Key Points
  • Two new color models Jabra UC Voice 750 headset is made for design-conscious professionals who value a unique design
  • Crystal clear sound The headset features superior sound clarity and HD Voice for softphone calls, conference calls, live presentations and other multimedia applications
  • Flexible boom arm tip for optimal positioning Jabra UC Voice 750 headset has a flexible boom tip arm to ensure the ideal microphone placement
  • HiFi Sound Stream music and sound in HiFi quality audio
  • Easy to deploy and operate Jabra UC Voice 750 headset is certified and optimized with all leading Unified Communications platforms
Product Features
  • Talk In Comfort
    Be kind to your ears Assure total comfort with a wide range of styles that match your individual needs and personal fit requirements. Our light, ergonomically designed frames along with soft ear cushions, adjustable headbands and microphone boom will guarantee that your headset will be comfortable all day long.
  • HiFi Sound
    Enjoy flawless sound quality Immerse yourself in music with HiFi Sound. Listen to flawless music reproduction across the entire audible frequency range.
  • Remote Call Control
    Seamless integration between your phone and audio device Answer and end calls on the Jabra audio device with seamless integration between your phone and audio device. The remote call control gives you the power to multitask and be productive. With a Jabra wireless audio device you can control your call even when you are away from your desk.
  • Noise Canceling Microphone
    Reduces unwanted background noise Noise canceling microphones reduce unwanted background noise and are ideal in crowded and noisy, open office environments. So you can now talk freely without raising your voice excessively.
  • Crystal Clear Sound
    Digital Signal Processing for clearer sound Clear sound is essential for a good conversation not to mention call efficiency and accuracy. Digital Signal Processing (DSP) in Jabra audio devices will remove background noise and echo as well as protect the user against sudden high peaks in volume. Call handling time and potential misunderstandings are significantly reduced.
  • Remote Asset Management
    Remote mass deployment and device management Configure and implement the company's audio devices 100% remotely from one central point. You get the latest features and functionalities on one go with Jabra Xpress, a web-based solution. You can also get a complete overview of all Jabra audio devices installed in the IT network with Jabra Xpress' asset management component.
  • PeakStop
    Safe sound and superior hearing protection PeakStop technology immediately removes potentially harmful loud sounds or tones before they reach your ears and keeps the sound level within the safe range to protect your hearing.
  • HD Voice - Wideband Audio
    High quality audio for crystal clear conversations Enjoy high-definition sound with HD Voice and get crystal clear, intelligible communication. You get life-like, vibrant conversations where you can focus on the content and don't have to struggle to understand what the person on the other end of the line is saying.
  • UC Plug-And-Play
    Plug-and-play with all leading UC platforms Jabra's intelligent Call Assist lets you take a call without a click. Built in Motion Sensor technology turns the headset on when you pick it up or touch it, and automatically answers the call when you place it on your ear. If you are already wearing the headset, you can accept or reject a call using just your voice.