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Total Micro - Power adapter

Total Micro - power adapter - 30 Watt

Mfr Part #:
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SHI Part #:
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Quick Details
  • 30 Watt
  • for Compaq Mini 110, 70X, 73X, CQ10; HP Mini 10XX, 110, 11XX, 210
Total Micro - Power adapter
  • 30 Watt
  • for Compaq Mini 110, 70X, 73X, CQ10; HP Mini 10XX, 110, 11XX, 210
  Additional Details
Price: $34.00
MSRP: $65.00
Mfr Part #: NA374AA-TM
SHI Part #: 25357271
Category: Power adapters or inverters
UNSPSC: 39121006
Manufacturer: Total Micro Technologies
Product Type: Hardware
General Information
CategoryPower adapters or inverters
DescriptionTotal Micro - Power adapter - 30 Watt - for Compaq Mini 110, 70X, 73X, CQ10; HP Mini 10XX, 110, 11XX, 210
ManufacturerTotal Micro Technologies
Main Specifications
General / SubcategoryPower adapters
Header / BrandTotal Micro
Packaged Quantity1
Power Device / Form FactorExternal
Product TypePower adapter
Compatibility Information
Designed ForCompaq Mini CQ10-100eb, CQ10-100ek, CQ10-100er, CQ10-100sr, CQ10-110ea, CQ10-110ei, CQ10-110ej, CQ10-110es, CQ10-110sm, CQ10-110sw, CQ10-114sz, CQ10-115sz, CQ10-120ca, CQ10-120ei, CQ10-120em, CQ10-120ew, CQ10-120se, CQ10-130se, CQ10-140ej, CQ10-140se, CQ10-150ca, CQ10-150em, CQ10-150ev, CQ10-150la, CQ10-150sh, CQ10-150sq, CQ10-150sv, CQ10-170ss, CQ10-400EJ, CQ10-405DX, CQ10-450CA, CQ10-450EA ¦ HP Mini 210-1002tu, 210-1003tu, 210-1004tu, 210-1004VU, 210-1006tu, 210-1008sa, 210-1010ea, 210-1010eb, 210-1010ee, 210-1010eg, 210-1010ei, 210-1010ek, 210-1010tu, 210-1011ee, 210-1011ei, 210-1011ep, 210-1011ez, 210-1012ee, 210-1012eg, 210-1012tu, 210-1013ee, 210-1013eg, 210-1013sa, 210-1014ea, 210-1014tu, 210-1015ee, 210-1015sz, 210-1020ej, 210-1020ek, 210-1021ek, 210-1022ek, 210-1022sa, 210-1022tu, 210-1024tu, 210-1025tu, 210-1026tu, 210-1027tu, 210-1030ev, 210-1030ez, 210-1030tu, 210-1031tu, 210-1034tu, 210-1035tu, 210-1036tu, 210-1038tu, 210-1039tu, 210-1040ev, 210-1040ez, 210-1041tu, 210-1044tu, 210-1045tu, 210-1046tu, 210-1047tu, 210-1048TU, 210-1050ea, 210-1050ev, 210-1050tu, 210-1051tu, 210-1060ev, 210-1064tu, 210-1066tu, 210-1068tu, 210-1073tu, 210-1081nr, 210-1083ca, 210-1083TU, 210-1084nr, 210-1090TU, 210-1092DX, 210-1092TU, 210-1095TU, 210-1096TU, 210-1101tu, 210-1102tu, 210-1103tu, 210-1105tu, 210-1106tu, 210-1107tu, 210-1108tu, 210-1113ef, 210-1119tu, 210-1121tu, 210-1122tu, 210-1127tu, 210-1135tu, 210-1139tu, 210-1142cl, 210-1145sa, 210-1180ca, 210-1195ea, 210-2001tu, 210-2001xx, 210-2002tu, 210-2010ee, 210-2010ei, 210-2010sj, 210-2010sq, 210-2010st, 210-2010sw, 210-2010tu, 210-2011ee, 210-2011ek, 210-2011sq, 210-2012ee, 210-2012sq, 210-2012tu, 210-2013ee, 210-2013ek, 210-2013tu, 210-2014tu, 210-2015eq, 210-2015tu, 210-2016tu, 210-2017tu, 210-2018tu, 210-2019tu, 210-2036tu, 210-2037tu, 210-2038tu, 210-2039tu, 210-2046ef, 210-2101tu, 210-2102tu, 210-2104tu, 210-2109tu, 210-2290ea, 210-2291ea, 210-3012sl
Device TypePower adapter - external
Power Device
Power Capacity30 Watt