Barracuda Backup Server 490 - recovery appliance

Category: Array controller
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Product Id: 25178590

Description: Barracuda Backup 490 - Recovery appliance - with 3 years Energize Updates and Instant Replacement - GigE - 1U - rack-mountable

Mfr Part #: BBS490A33

MSRP: $10,097.00

The Barracuda Backup 490 with 3 year Energize Updates + Instant Replacement Subscription is a powerful, all-in-one backup solution that includes all the hardware, software, backup agents, and redundant storage needed for a complete, end-to-end backup solution - at one affordable price. With advanced deduplication and compression, backups are quick and consume minimal bandwidth. Flexible deployment options will fit every environment. And for redundancy, you can duplicate backup files to Barracuda Cloud Storage or to your own, offsite, private cloud. The Barracuda Backup 490 features include no per-user or per-application fees, Up to 4TB Usable Internal Capacity, 2TB Suggested Backup Volume, 1U Rackmount Chassis, 1 x Gigabit Ethernet Connection, Data Deduplication, Integrated Cloud Replication, Site-to-Site Replication, LiveBoot, Granular File and Message Recovery, Unified Management Interface, 4x2 TB RAID 10 Redundant Disk Array (Raid).
Key Points
  • Complete data backup solution
  • Secure offsite backup
  • Advanced and efficient technology
  • Robust policy management
  • Simple administration
Product Features
  • Complete data backup solution
    The Barracuda Backup Service combines automatic local data backup via the Barracuda Backup Server with secure online backup to two redundant data centers in separate geographic locations. The Barracuda Backup Service copies data from any computer or storage platform and provides fast local storage and restores. The Barracuda Backup Service safely maintains backup data offsite using efficient replication techniques designed to conserve bandwidth and minimize the cost of disaster recovery.
  • Data de-duplication
    Using advanced technology, the Barracuda Backup Service reduces the storage and transfer requirements for backups by analyzing each file and only transferring and archiving new bit sequences. This advanced de-duplication technology is applied within a single file's revision history as well as across the entire backup volume. De-duplication is also applied between data sets from multiple locations.
  • Backup selection and connections
    The Barracuda Backup Service offers granular control to identify network volumes or limited areas within a network volume for backup. The Barracuda Backup Service uses standard network protocol connections, such as CIFs and NFS to access data.
  • Scalable
    The Barracuda Backup Service can be configured to backup as much or as little data as needed. A single Barracuda Backup Server is capable of managing regular backups for several terabytes of changing information. To store an even greater amount of data, administrators can deploy multiple Barracuda Backup Servers. The amount of data that the Barracuda Backup Service can store, both locally and offsite, is limitless.
  • Change detection backup and rate control
    Utilizing efficient technology to detect file changes, the Barracuda Backup Service supports scheduled backups as often as every few minute for constant data protection. Separately, the Barracuda Backup Service enables control over the rate at which data is replicated to the offsite locations throughout the day. The rate control feature provides for the preservation of Internet bandwidth during peak usage and optimizes offsite backup transfers during daily non-peak hours.
  • Flexible data retention
    The Barracuda Backup Service provides policy management to streamline complex data retention requirements. Administrators can set in-depth policies, specifying the retention of selected files or broader data based on daily, weekly, monthly or annual time intervals.
  • Litigation readiness
    Retention policies using the Barracuda Backup Service assists organizations in discovery requests by simplifying the retention and reproduction of electronic data.
  • File watch rules
    File watch rules send warning notifications when specified files have not been modified often enough or appear smaller than expected. Administrators are alerted if third-party backup software used to schedule backup files either fails or if the file appears to be of insufficient size.
  • Exclusion rules
    To control critical data storage, administrators have the option of creating directory-based or file extension exclusions. Common exclusions include music, movies or other files deemed non-essential to the organization.
  • Web interface
    The integrated Web interface makes it easy to manage and back up data on the Barracuda Backup Server. The web interface provides access and control of settings, reports, restores, statistics and account information in order to manage multiple deployed Barracuda Backup Servers and Barracuda Backup Subscriptions across multiple locations.
  • Reports and statistical graphs
    The Barracuda Backup Service offers reports for managing backups and understanding the information stored on the local or offsite backups. Using the web interface, a health monitor displays graphs of the Barracuda Backup Server and offsite storage conditions.