WatchGuard XTM 26 Security Software Suite - subscription license renewal / upgrade license

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Product Id: 25166325

Description: WatchGuard XTM 26 Security Software Suite - Subscription license renewal / upgrade license ( 3 years ) - 1 appliance

Mfr Part #: WG019323

MSRP: $1,135.00

This SKU can be used to renew a current Security Suite or Bundle subscription, or to add the Suite to an existing WatchGuard appliance.
Turn your XTM 26 security appliance into a comprehensive unified threat management solution with the Security Software Suite from WatchGuard. The suite includes powerful security subscriptions that boost defenses in critical attack areas for maximum network protection. An exceptional value, each suite includes subscriptions to Application Control, spamBlocker, Reputation Enabled Defense, WebBlocker, Gateway AntiVirus, and Intrusion Prevention Service, plus LiveSecurity Service for support and maintenance.
Key Points
  • Application Control keeps unproductive, inappropriate, and dangerous applications off-limits
  • Intrusion Prevention Service provides in-line protection from attacks that comply with protocol standards but carry malicious content
  • Gateway AntiVirus provides real-time protection against known viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and rogueware
  • WebBlocker URL and content filtering, with HTTP and HTTPS inspection, allows you to control access to sites that host objectionable material or pose network security risks
  • Reputation Enabled Defense delivers faster, safer web surfing using a powerful, cloud-based reputation lookup
  • SpamBlocker blocks nearly 100% of unwanted email in real time before it can reach your internal mail server or client
Product Features
  • Reputation enabled defense
    Delivers a powerful cloud-based URL reputation service that protects web users from malicious web pages, while dramatically improving web throughput. Savings in web processing overhead of 30% to 50% are common.
  • Application control
    Enables IT administrators to exercise fine-grained control over more than 1,500 web 2.0 and business applications, to keep unproductive, inappropriate and dangerous applications off-limits. Acceptable use policies can be established for users and groups by category, application, and application sub-function for maximum flexibility.
  • spamBlocker
    Blocks unwanted email with near 100% accuracy along with the viral payloads that spam often carries. spamBlocker recognizes spam regardless of the language, format, or content of the message - even imagebased spam that other anti-spam products often miss.
  • WebBlocker
    Stops access to dangerous and inappropriate web content in the workplace to increase employee productivity, reduce legal liability, conserve network bandwidth, and block network security risks. Blocks on HTTP and HTTPS, closing the loophole that allows users to bypass network security measures.
  • Gateway AntiVirus
    Provides powerful signature-based protection at the gateway from known viruses, trojans, worms, spyware, and rogueware. Dynamic heuristic analysis uses code emulation to identify polymorphic viruses and dangerous code that signatures can't catch.
  • Intrusion prevention
    Blocks attacks that comply with standard protocols but carry malicious content, including spyware, buffer overflows, and SQL injections. Scans all protocols and ports to block network, application, and protocol-based attacks.