HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager - security appliance

Category: Firewall appliances
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Product Id: 25116032

Description: HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager - Security appliance - 10Mb LAN, 100Mb LAN, GigE - 1U - rack-mountable

Mfr Part #: AJ575A

MSRP: $31,500.00

When sensitive data at rest is encrypted, the threats of audit failures, financial losses, and damage to your organization's reputation are significantly reduced. However, whenever encryption is used to protect data at rest, a strong key management system is essential to control and preserve the underlying cryptographic keys over the life of the data. If keys are compromised, data is compromised. If keys are lost, data is lost, and business operations are impacted. Additionally, if you can't prove that your data and keys are protected, you'll fail an audit. Reduce the cost and complexity of managing encryption keys across a distributed infrastructure with consistent security controls, automated key services, and a single point of management. The HP Enterprise Secure Key Manager (HP ESKM) reduces your risk of costly data breaches and reputation damage, and eases compliance with industry regulations by requiring authorized access to your business-critical cryptographic keys.
Key Points
  • Supports a broad range of HP encryption solutions
  • Supports hundreds of clients, millions of keys
  • Automatic clustering, key replication and failover
  • Strategic platform for industry-standard support
  • Multiple recovery layers deliver near continuous access to encryption keys
  • Comprehensive backup and restore capabilities
  • HTTPS management - provides secure Web management
  • Secure shell encrypts all transmitted data for secure, remote command-line interface access over IP networks
  • Complete security solution
  • ESKM supports a full range of HP/partner encryption solutions