RemoteScan Enterprise - License + 1 Year Maintenance - 1 computer - Win

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Product Id: 24902205

Description: RemoteScan Enterprise - License + 1 Year Maintenance - 1 computer - Win

Mfr Part #: RAB-RSC-PB

MSRP: $383.00

Dell RemoteScan is the most reliable document scanning software for VDI, Terminal Server and other virtualized RDP, ICA and LAN environments. RemoteScan provides hassle-free desktop scanner connectivity for thousands of companies in nearly 120 countries, with more than one billion documents scanned to date.
RDP scanning enables you to initiate scans directly from your virtual desktop to any TWAIN or WIA compliant scanner without compromising network security or establishing shared folders or directories. Share a single scanner or imaging device with other users over a network (IP, LAN, WAN), similar to sharing printers. Access scanners connected directly to client workstations using any software running on vWorkspace, Terminal Server/Remote Desktop Session Host (TS/RDSH), VMware or Citrix servers. RemoteScan Enterprise supports TWAIN and WIA compliant scanners and other image acquisition devices.
Key Points
  • Use secure virtual channels for document scanning
  • Turn any scanner into a network scanner
  • Connect scanners in remote desktop environments
  • Maintain fast scan speeds even in complex networks
  • Comply with enterprise requirements
Product Features
  • Support for all scanners
    Allows any number of desktop scanners to be shared on a network; in a vWorkspace/Terminal Services/Remote Desktop Session Host/Citrix/VMware environment, software on the server will detect individual desktop scanners at remote locations as if they are locally attached.
  • TWAIN and WIA support
    Supports all TWAIN and WIA compliant desktop scanners and imaging devices, including high-end scanners, sheet feeder scanners, 'all-in-one' devices, card scanners, flatbed scanners, web cams, and digital cameras; it also scans to iPads from scanners attached to PCs or workstations running iRemoteScan.
  • Lossless compression
    Uses highly efficient, lossless compression for transmitting data, and does not slow down network traffic appreciably.
  • RDP and ICA support
    Uses native RDP, Quest EOP and Citrix ICA/HDX protocols - no need to change firewall settings.
  • Easy compliance with enterprise requirements
    Includes the RemoteScan ShareCamera and RemoteScan Templates for auto-configuration of scanner resolutions and settings; it's the right choice for enterprise environments with a mixture of desktop scanner makes and models.
  • Customizable look and feel
    Allows you to lock down desktop scanner settings, even among many different brands and models of scanners; you can use this to restrict a user's scanning choices, as well as enforce the scanning area, DPI resolution and color settings for consistent results.
  • Universal software support
    Works with any application that can import from any desktop scanner or camera using TWAIN image acquisition, including Adobe Acrobat, Laserfiche, Photoshop, Intuit QuickBooks and Microsoft Word, as well as custom applications; connect desktop scanners via parallel, USB, Firewire or SCSI connections.
  • Multiple languages
    Offers versions in English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, and Dutch.
  • Easy to use
    Provides an intuitive user interface can be installed in under five minutes.