Polycom Distributed Media Application 7000 - video conferencing device

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Product Id: 24866534

Description: Polycom Distributed Media Application 7000 - Video conferencing device

Mfr Part #: 2200-76300-450

MSRP: $19,462.76

The Polycom DMA 7000 solution is a unique network-based application for managing and distributing multipoint calls across conference platforms. Utilizing a highly reliable and scalable media processing structure, the Polycom DMA 7000 enables organizations to fully leverage their conferencing infrastructure investments while significantly lowering administration costs.
Key Points
  • Dual hot standby application servers used in conjunction with fault tolerant Polycom RMX media servers to route around outages and failures, ensuring high service levels
  • Intelligent zone based, round robin least used, and cascade algorithms to load balance and distribute the multipoint calls onto the media servers, ensuring the ports are used to the maximum
  • Scalability up to 1200 ports by adding up to 10 Polycom RMX media servers
  • Unified communications solution via Microsoft Office Communicator Server (OCS) SIP support
  • Centralized administration provides easier management of user video accounts using LDAP, call logging and system monitoring
Product Features
  • Increased reliability and improved user experiences
    With no single point of failure, Polycom DMA 7000 leverages ATCA-based Polycom RMX media servers and hot standby application servers to ensure uptime by routing around outages and failures.
  • Investment protection
    Scaling up to 1,200 mixed audio and video ports, the Polycom DMA solution maximizes conference resources with load balancing and distribution of calls to multiple media servers.
  • Lower operations and administration costs
    The Polycom DMA 7000 platform utilizes a centralized LDAP database for simplifying and streamlining account management, logging and monitoring.