B&B 232PTC9 RS-232 Two-Port Combiner - concentrator

Category: Hubs or concentrators
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Product Id: 24819786

Description: B&B 232PTC9 RS-232 Two-Port Combiner - Concentrator - 2 ports - external

Mfr Part #: 232PTC9

MSRP: $129.00

B&B Electronics' model 232PTC9 permits two or more serial devices to share a serial port on a host computer. When one of the devices on either of the slave ports transmits data, it captures the data path to the master port and locks out the other slave port. When data transmission is finished, either slave port gets access to the master port by being the first to start sending data. The RTS line can also be used to control data flow to the master port.
Key Points
  • One PC monitors and controls multiple peripherals
  • Cascade combiners to connect many devices
  • Automatic or software PC access control
  • Quick, easy installation