Panduit Cool Boot Raised Floor Air Sealing Grommet - cable raised floor grommet

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Product Id: 24674023

Description: Panduit Cool Boot Raised Floor Air Sealing Grommet - Cable raised floor grommet - 20.3 cm - navy blue

Mfr Part #: RFG8X8SMY

MSRP: $107.45

All raised floor cutouts that allow communications cable to pass through in the hot aisle/cold aisle environment of a data center shall be equipped with a grommet to minimize bypass airflow. This grommet shall provide sealing properties for multiple cable bundles placed anywhere within the cable cutout. The grommet shall be designed to allow for retrofit applications to allow compatibility with vertical cable managers and cabinets. A low profile design is required that shall not have rigid features higher than 0.710 inches above the raised floor surface. The inside edge of the hole in the raised floor shall be covered to protect cables from abrasion as they pass through the raised floor.
Key Points
  • Minimizes bypass airflow through cutouts in the raised floor tile to improve cooling of network equipment and prevents debris from falling below raised floor
  • Provides a pathway to ground to reduce the chance of corrupting network equipment with electric shock
  • Provides closure at top of fabric to prevent air from escaping around cable bundles
  • Allows installation on existing cable bundles for greater system flexibility
  • Enables two or more bundles to be separated which provides ability to run power and data in the same opening while preventing degradation of cable performance
  • Houses fabric which secures product to raised floor tile
  • Slit allows for retrofit installations even when vertical cable managers are already in place
  • Utilized on installations to cover sharp edges of cut floor tile to prevent damage to cable
  • Meets requirements to assure compliance with codes and standards for maximum performance
  • Enables grommet to attach to floor while providing a pathway to ground