Panduit PANDUCT Type F Narrow Slot Wiring Duct - cable raceway

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Product Id: 24665442

Description: Panduit PANDUCT Type F Narrow Slot Wiring Duct - Cable raceway - 1.8 m - white

Mfr Part #: F3X4WH6

MSRP: $766.55

Used for general purpose control panel wiring in communication closets, it is ideal for use with high-density terminal blocks. The non-slip cover conceals all wiring and is easy to install. The duct and cover form a flush sidewall providing increased capacity and improved aesthetics.
Key Points
  • Narrow finger/slot design allows further fanning of wires for neater wire management in high-density control panels
  • PANDUIT exclusive rounded edges protects hands and wiring/cabling from abrasion
  • Non-slip cover stays in place during shipment, vibration and when in a vertical orientation, eliminating rework
  • Flush cover design holds 10-12% more wires than traditional duct designs
  • Double scoreline allows quick modification for larger cabling bundles saving installation time leading to a lower installed cost
  • Specially formulated lead-free material eliminates health concerns associated with PVC that contains lead
  • Double restricted slot design retains wire in slot for fast, easy wire installation or removal