Manhattan USB Line Extender - USB extender

Category: Console extenders
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Product Id: 24661927

Description: Manhattan USB Line Extender - USB extender - USB - up to 60 m

Mfr Part #: 179300

MSRP: $19.99

The MANHATTAN USB line extender is a convenient way to bridge the distance between a USB device and a PC host without signal loss. Consisting of a local and remote unit, using the UNIQUE UIC chipset with a Cat5e network cable to connect process and repeat USB signals. The local and remote units can also be used separately to customize cables of any length up to 60 m.
Key Points
  • Extends the distance of barcode scanners, printers, digital cameras, keyboard/mouse extensions and other USB devices from a USB-enabled computer
  • Embedded transceivers enhance signal and prevent signal loss
  • Bus powered - requires no external power supply
Product Features
  • Offers flexibility for virtually any USB device
    Use the MANHATTAN USB line extender to overcome the USB distance restriction and expand device and PC locations and better organize productive office arrangements. The MANHATTAN USB line extender can help extend a USB keyboard and mouse during presentations operates a barcode scanner in retail point-of-purchase applications, access a printer in another room and improve other USB applications without signal loss or interference.
  • Easy to install and transport
    Small, lightweight and portable with no external power supply or drivers required makes it ideal for travel and use almost anywhere. Plug and Play capability and Windows and Macintosh compatibility make installation easy and quick.