FastLane NDS Migrator - complete package

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Product Id: 24655665

Description: FastLane NDS Migrator - Box pack - 1 user - CD - Win - English

Mfr Part #: NDS-DMX-PB

MSRP: $10.81

FastLane NDS Migrator is an optional component of FastLane Migrator that accelerates and simplifies migrations from Novell Directory Services (NDS) to Active Directory (AD). NDS Migrator transitions common object types to AD and can also copy files and translate permissions based on Trustees to Access Control Lists (ACLs) in the NT file system.
NDS Migrator accounts for the fact that most NDS-to-AD migrations do not occur as one massive copy of objects. Migrations are broken down into manageable object groupings. These groupings are tracked to identify which migrations were done and when they were done.