Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709 - network adapter

Category: Network interface cards
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Product Id: 24607084

Description: Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709 - Network adapter - PCIe - Gigabit Ethernet x 4 - for PowerEdge R200, R210, R300, R410, R610, R710, R900, R905, T300, T410, T610, T710

Mfr Part #: 430-3788

MSRP: $449.99

The Dell Broadcom NetXtreme II 5709 NIC supports multiple functions over a unified fabric to help simplify network management and is easily deployable. It features TCP/IP Offload Engine (TOE) technology for Windows that offloads the TCP/IP processing from the server CPU onto the LAN adapter. A NIC with TOE technology helps preserve valuable CPU cycles for applications processing and improves overall server performance and network efficiency.
Key Points
  • Offers offload, iSCSI and TOE support
  • Equipped with 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T transceivers
  • Features full fast-path TCP processing engine
  • Ideal for embedded blade server applications