Eaton 9170+ 12-slot cabinet - Power array cabinet - output connectors: 18 - CTO

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Product Id: 23911022

Description: Eaton 9170+ 12-slot cabinet - Power array cabinet - output connectors: 18 - CTO

Mfr Part #: 0660C120ACOERCXI

MSRP: $3,556.00

With a scaleable, modular and redundant design, the Powerware 9170+ Tower UPS provides advanced backup power and power quality management and offers the highest level of power protection and power quality of any Tower UPS power supply in the 3-18 kVA range. The Powerware 9170+ Tower UPS delivers ideal power management for server farms, networks, telecommunications, Internet service providers and other mission-critical applications for the best UPS power protection against all nine common power quality problems.
Key Points
  • N+X redundancy for both power and logic eliminates system level single point-of-failure
  • Easily scalable to adapt to changing IT environments by simply adding power and/or battery modules
  • True double-conversion design
  • ABM technology significantly increases battery service life
  • Universal components fit in any order without affecting UPS operation
  • Provides protection against all nine power problems
  • Complete offering of power management software included to ensure data integrity
Product Features
  • Technical spotlight: network level N+X redundancy
    The 9170+ eliminates a system-level single point-of-failure. Because both the logic and power are housed in the module and not in the enclosure, there is a redundancy for the entire UPS. This is a critical distinction when looking for multiple levels of redundancy in the UPS, as there is inherent vulnerability in a UPS that limits redundancy in any part of the system.
  • Sample configuration
    With a user-friendly design you can configure the scalable and redundant 9170+ to grow with your requirements.