Samsung ML-4512ND - printer - monochrome - laser

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Product Id: 23688996

Description: Samsung ML-4512ND - Printer - monochrome - Duplex - laser - A4/Legal - 1200 dpi - up to 45 ppm - capacity: 620 sheets - USB, Gigabit LAN, USB host

Mfr Part #: ML-4512ND/XAA

MSRP: $928.99

Boost your workday productivity with Samsung's easy-to-use ML-4512ND printer. Features such as anti-jam technology, 1 Gigabit network and 600 MHz dual-core processor will ensure that your document workflow is smooth and always driving office productivity. Its user-friendly features such as the OP panel and one-touch convenience, the easy print manager and secure printing are suited for any modern office environment. And with the heavy media handling capabilities, the busier times won't seem so stressful. Truly, a printer designed for your office needs. Effortlessly upgrade with the simple and professional Samsung ML-4512ND printer.
Key Points
  • Cerner Certified for the Healthcare Industry
  • Ease of Use
  • Planet-Friendly Printing
  • Powerful Performance
Product Features
  • Free your day with a reliable printing
    Set your workday free from time-consuming and stress-causing printer blocks with Samsung's anti-jam technology. Utilizing a retard roller, which provides a backward friction during the paper pickup process, your operation will see increases in productivity and even bigger reductions in work frustration. Common problems that often add to stress-levels, such as miss-feeding and multiple paper feeding from the cassette tray, will become things of the past. An impressive high monthly duty is one of the clear-cut and measurable benefits found with anti-jam technology, and will add to a more streamlined and reliable workflow. So, with Samsung anti-jam technology your printing operation can finally be hassle-free, efficient and reliable.
  • Streamline work with easy-to-use printers
    Settle for nothing less than brilliant printing solutions that are trouble-free. The simple OP panel, which features a compass dial, a 4-line LCD display and a numeric keypad, provides a simple and easy way to take full control of your printing operation. Featuring a one-touch convenience eco button, which is easily found on the front panel and acts as a default setting once turned on, you can combine two pages into one document. This helps you cut-back on costs by reducing paper and toner use, and therefore also lessens your impact on the environment. The OP panel also simplifies your workflow, with fewer buttons and unnecessary options to worry about. You can really produce amazing results in no time at all.
  • A top printer that's low on noise
    From a company that knows its business, the Samsung ML-4512ND printer can work flat out at a mere 54 decibels, an office-friendly volume you won't be hearing competitors shout about. With a standby volume of 30 dBA, it signals an end to colleagues having to scream to be heard, even before their printing has begun. Doors can stay open along corridors as the ML-4512ND outperforms the other leading printers copy after copy.
  • Being eco-friendly just got easier
    Make hitting your environmental goals a whole lot easier with Samsung's eco mode, which also includes a results simulator to check how well you are doing. The eco mode features a one touch eco button, which conveniently serves as your default setting once activated, and reduces paper consumption with duplex printing, 2-up printing and a toner save setting. Thanks to the results simulator, you can really appreciate how much good work you are doing. The simulation shows levels of carbon dioxide emissions, electricity and paper usage. The eco mode is an easy and effective way of keeping track of your printer consumption - which is better for you and the planet!
  • Low cost per page, saving you money
    Whether your office is big or small, the Samsung ML-4512ND printer will continue to deliver the best copy at a budget price. Save on money due to the separated toner and drum. Also, utilizing a polymerized toner, the Samsung ML-4512ND printer lowers power consumption; its thin and uniform toner layer wastes less toner while operating with a lower fusing temperature and thus requires less power. So, the Samsung ML-4512ND printer delivers the perfect combination of professional printing that also saves you money, which is very business smart.
  • Get more from every page with duplex printing
    Double your print output. Or, halve your paper costs. Either way you look at it; there is no denying that duplex printing is an essential feature for both business and personal printing. It provides loads of cool and creative ways to fulfill print jobs, from single-sided formats to double-sided booklet formats, and really delivers a professional look and feel every time. The double-sided printing capabilities will also massively reduce costs and ensure that your paper supplies last longer. This then helps reduce waste, and minimizes your impact on the environment. So, it is definitely a win-win situation with duplex printing.
  • Work better with fast speed printing performance
    Print documents quickly thanks to Samsung's fast speed printing. Perfect for getting important work documents printed with high quality and zero fuss, the faster printing speeds will also help boost office productivity and enhance workflows. A reliable and superior printer like this will quickly become a must-have business tool - you'll wonder how your business ever functioned without one.
  • Meet work demands easily with heavier media handling
    From everyday documents to important presentations, you always need to give your printing the handling it deserves. If you want to impress with not only high-quality results but also with the professional manner in which you complete the task, then your printer will need heavy media handling. When you combine the main tray, and the multi-purpose tray, your printing operation will easily handle even the heaviest of jobs. From specialty paper and thick stock to envelopes, which no longer requires its own special feeder and feeds through the main tray, your printing will be trouble-free, cost-effective and a pure breeze.
  • Cut out print queues and increase productivity
    Boost your print setup with a powerful 1 Gigabit network LAN connection. The enhanced connectivity will ensure that even the larger printing jobs from multiple users can be completed with amazing speed and without any compromise in quality. When combined with the 600 MHz dual-core processor, the result is simply brilliant. During the busiest of times when important work documents, like big presentations, need to be looking perfect and ready on cue, the 1 Gigabit network will keep everyone happy. So, a truly professional operation is easily achieved and just waiting to show off its full capabilities.
  • Take control of office documents with secure printing
    Important documents can easily end up in the wrong hands, especially when work printers are shared among many users. With secure printing you can now keep your documents safe from prying eyes using a pin code, which prevents your documents from being printed until it has been entered. Once you have sent the job to the printer, you simply go to the printer, scroll down the user interface to find your particular file, and then authorize the print by entering in the pin code. This is a simple and effective way of keeping tight control over the circulation of important documents, while also minimizing unnecessary printing.