Brocade 6510 - switch - 24 ports - managed - desktop - with 24x 16 Gbps SWL SFP+ transceiver

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Product Id: 23680708

Description: Brocade 6510 - Switch - Managed - 48 x Fibre Channel SFP+ - desktop - with 24x 16 Gbps SWL SFP+ transceiver

Mfr Part #: BR-6510-24-16G-R

MSRP: $27,235.00

To keep pace with growing business demands, data centers are transitioning to highly virtualized, private cloud storage environments. This approach enables organizations to consolidate and simplify their IT resources, resulting in increased business agility and lower capital and operating expenses. But virtualization is not without its challenges. Data centers must keep up with the explosive data growth and dynamic changes driven by virtualized workloads. Selecting the right network is key to realizing the full benefits of these cloud-based architectures.
The Brocade 6510 switch meets the demands of hyper-scale, private cloud storage environments by delivering market- leading 16 Gbps Fiber Channel technology and capabilities that support highly virtualized environments. A simplified deployment process and a point-and-click user interface make the Brocade 6510 both powerful and easy to use. The Brocade 6510 offers low-cost access to industry-leading Storage Area Network (SAN) technology while providing "pay-as-you-grow" scalability to meet the needs of an evolving storage environment.
Key Points
  • Provides exceptional price/performance value, combining flexibility, simplicity, and enterprise-class functionality in a 48-port switch for virtualized data centers and private cloud architectures
  • Enables fast, easy, and cost-effective scaling from 24 to 48 ports using Ports on Demand (PoD) capabilities
  • Simplifies deployment with the Brocade EZSwitchSetup wizard
  • Accelerates deployment and troubleshooting time with Dynamic Fabric Provisioning (DFP), critical monitoring, and advanced diagnostic features
  • Simplifies and centralizes management through Brocade network advisor, reducing operational costs and complexity
Product Features
  • Exceptional price/performance for growing san workloads
    The Brocade 6510 delivers exceptional price/performance for growing SAN workloads through a combination of market-leading throughput and an affordable switch form factor. The 48 ports produce an aggregate 768 Gbps full-duplex throughput; any eight ports can be trunked for 128 Gbps Inter-Switch Links (ISLs). Exchange-based Dynamic Path Selection (DPS) optimizes fabric-wide performance and load balancing by automatically routing data to the most efficient available path in the fabric. It augments ISL trunking to provide more effective load balancing in certain configurations.
  • Industry-leading technology that is flexible, simple, and easy to use
    The Brocade 6510 delivers industry-leading SAN technology within a flexible, simple, and easy-to-use solution. The base configuration includes 24 ports, with up to 48 ports on demand. In addition to providing best-in-class scalability, the Brocade 6510 is easy to deploy with the Brocade EZSwitchSetup wizard and "D Port" feature, which simplifies setup. For maximum flexibility, the switch also features a 1U case less than 18 inches deep and dual-direction airflow options to support the latest hot aisle/cold aisle configurations.
  • A building block for virtualized, private cloud storage
    The Brocade 6510 provides a critical building block for today's highly virtualized, private cloud storage environments. It simplifies server virtualization and Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) management while meeting the high-throughput demands of Solid State Disks (SSDs). The Brocade 6510 also supports multi-tenancy in cloud environments through virtual fabrics, Quality of Service (QoS), and fabric-based zoning features.