Polycom VBP 4555-E3 - security appliance

Category: Firewall appliances
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Product Id: 22856138

Description: Polycom VBP 4555-E3 - Security appliance - 10Mb LAN, 100Mb LAN DSU/CSU

Mfr Part #: 2583-73545-001

MSRP: $2,043.59

By performing video NAT at the IP address boundary, the VBP 4555 network appliance eliminates the risks of tunneling video and voice traffic from the network perimeter. With both an Ethernet WAN port and an integrated T1 CSU/DSU interface, the VBP 4555 appliance can be utilized as a WAN access router or installed behind an existing WAN access router. The VBP 4555 enables remote locations using TLS to communicate with enterprise components using a single outbound port. The VBP 4555 appliance employs a stateful packet inspection firewall, in combination with an application layer gateway, which determines when to open or close TCP and UDP ports for video and voice endpoints. To maximize video and voice quality, the VBP 4555 appliance forwards video traffic via the shortest possible path, effectively minimizing jitter, delay, and packet loss.
Bandwidth unused by video or voice is made available to boost WAN bandwidth and enable data traffic to burst at full line rate. To ensure control over video and voice quality, the VBP 4555 appliance also possesses traffic management capabilities such prioritization, traffic shaping and call entry control.
Key Points
  • Seamless resolution to challenges of communicating through firewalls
  • Application layer gateway for H.323 video, and SIP
  • Dynamic access control list for simplified set-up and operation
  • Video and voice media routing via shortest possible path
  • Call entry control to prevent congestion of prioritized traffic
  • Traffic management capabilities including priority queuing, and traffic shaping
  • All-in-one network traversal solution for voice, video, and data networks
  • Integrated four-port managed Ethernet switch with VLAN support