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Product Id: 22823001

Description: NetOp Remote Control Gateway - (v. 10) - license - 1 gateway - Linux, Win, OS/2, Mac, Solaris

Mfr Part #: W2001UK-1000

Why do over half of Fortune 100 companies use Netop Remote Control? Because security matters. Netop is the most secure, trusted and scalable remote solution on the market today.
Netop Remote Control provides the most secure, trusted and scalable solution for the remote management and support of your enterprise IT infrastructure, help desk, customer service, virtualized environment, kiosk and POS devices. Netop's complete feature set, broad platform support and advanced security measures help you meet security compliance standards and the lower the overall cost of support.
Key Points
  • Enterprise remote support for anyone, anytime, anywhere
  • Support and manage workstations, servers, POS, embedded systems, and mobile devices
  • Reach your mobile workforce securely through any Internet connection
  • Easily manage connections over a broad range of protocols
  • Strong encryption with up to 256-bit AES ensures data integrity
  • Centralized 2 and 3-factor authentication protects from unauthorized access
  • Superior integration with Directory Services, RSA SecurID and Smartcards
  • Granular control over all user permissions through individual or group policies
  • Monitor, log and investigate with customized audit trails and session recordings
  • Scalable to any size business and easy to deploy across networks
  • Consolidate your remote tools into one secure enterprise solution
  • Manage system services, registry, processes, hardware and software information
  • Provide real-time, secure user support inside or outside of your network
  • Troubleshoot problems without interrupting end-users or critical processes
  • Lower the cost of demonstrating compliance with complete audit trails
  • 256-bit AES encryption protects data and meets regulatory standards
  • Achieve PCI, ISO and HIPAA compliance requirements for authentication and encryption
  • Data transmission protected with FIPS 140-2 standard algorithms
  • Meet government, health-care, retail and financial services security requirements
  • Intuitive functions for the support team across your entire enterprise
  • Automate programs and common support tasks to save time and resources
  • Communicate with end-users through chat, annotation, audio and video
  • Share screens, run applications and transfer files with anyone, anywhere
  • Manage computers with no active OS using Intel vPro support
Product Features
  • Because security matters
    No other company has more experience securing remote connections for businesses. Period. Data transmitted between Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X modules can be encrypted using the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) with key lengths up to 256-bits. Integrate Netop with your existing security scheme and authenticate users with Windows authentication, Directory Services via LDAP, RSA SecurID and local or remote login with Smart Cards. Netop allows you to assign flexible security roles, define access and grant remote support privileges.
  • Security compliance ready
    Regulatory compliance and the high costs of security breaches has become a challenge for businesses. Many organizations, such as those in the health-care and financial sectors, are subject to so many different types of regulation, that selection of remote access tools with both the flexibility and security to fully meet requirements has become crucially important. Netop is the most secure and flexible solution available.
  • Consolidation saves you money
    Technical staff can't be everywhere at once so there's a good chance that they are using remote tools to manage their heavy workload. Consolidating into a centralized, secure solution not only saves your company money and training resources, it allows your staff to provide superior service to all of the computers and devices you rely on from one console. In addition, using Netop Remote Control lowers your risk by keeping security practices intact throughout your organization and giving you the ability to immediately track down the source of problems.
  • Protect your business
    Risks to your company come from all directions. Security audits can cost your company money. Employee actions on your network either by accident or in breach of your policies can put your information and your customer data at grave risk. Netop Remote Control gives you the ability to log network activity both locally and on shared drives and servers. And when it comes to compliance you need to be able to show what happened, when, and by whom.
  • Manage consultant access
    Remote access by consultants for the management of your workstations and servers can be a threat to your organization's security and erode your efforts to maintain regulatory compliance. Netop Remote Control gives you complete, centralized and granular control over access rights as well as keeping a complete audit trail that enables you to monitor and report on all vendor activity for billing and auditing purposes.
  • Lower your liability
    Is your company at risk for a costly security breach? While the potential fallout for larger enterprise is huge, even small and medium-sized companies may have significant trouble weathering a data breach. Think about your company's cash flow and whether it could cover the investigation and containment of the breach costs for the incident in addition to the fines, remediation expenses, attorney and legal fees. Netop Remote Control can help you meet security compliance standards and protect sensitive data.