Cisco Third-Generation Wireless WAN Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card wireless cellular modem

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Product Id: 22820761

Description: Cisco Third-Generation Wireless WAN Enhanced High-Speed WAN Interface Card - Wireless cellular modem - 3G - EHWIC - 7.2 Mbps

Mfr Part #: EHWIC-3G-HSPA-U=

MSRP: $907.97

The EHWIC-3G-HSPA-U card is a multiband, multiservice WAN card. Its primary application is WAN connectivity as a backup datalink for critical data applications and as a primary WAN connection. The EHWIC-3G-HSPA-U card supports the ISR G2 platforms. It houses one cellular modem for connection to a wireless WAN.
Key Points
  • Mobile equipment subsidy unlocking
  • SIM lock and unlock, security, verification upon activation, SIM PIN change
  • Multiple PDP support
  • Remotely initiated data call back using SMS
  • Broadband WAN connectivity using high-speed cellular data technology
  • Automatic best-network selection
  • Static and dynamic IP addressing
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) and Port Address Translation (PAT) support
  • Auto-detecting optimized WAN switchover
  • Support for Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) and Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol (VRRP)
  • Diagnostic and monitoring (DM) capability
  • Voice-initiated data callback
  • Power save mode capability
Product Features
  • Dial on Demand Routing (DDR)
    This allows you to set up a data call when there is data traffic to be sent over the wireless network.
  • Fallback connection
    3G WAN for fixed and modular routers allows you to configure the cellular modem to initiate a dialup connection when connection to a primary service is lost.
  • Teardown after fallback
    After a primary connection has failed and the cellular connection is in fallback mode, the 3G feature in fixed and modular routers tears down the fallback-mode connection when the primary connection is available.
  • Automatic teardown
    After a configurable timeout, the 3G WAN for fixed and modular routers automatically tears down a connection if there has been no activity.