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Product Id: 22792598

Description: V7 - Projector lamp - UHB - 220 Watt - 2000 hour(s) - for 3M Digital Projector WX66, X76; Hitachi ED-X30, X31, X32, X33; CP-WX410, X206, X306, X467

Mfr Part #: VPL1660-1N

MSRP: $224.00

All V7 lamps feature genuine bulbs from the original manufacturers ensuring the cutting edge of lighting technology, operating at exceptional pressure and temperature levels to provide the brightest and sharpest picture.
Key Points
  • •Availability — V7 holds stock of lamps at regional warehouses for immediate delivery.
  • •Prices — V7 lamp prices offer significant savings over OEM branded products.
  • •Performance — V7 lamps use the same bulbs as OEM for identical high performance.
  • •Warranty — V7 offers six-month lamp warranties (double the length from most OEM)
  • V7 is a supplier of high-quality projector lamps for the most popular projector models at lower prices and twice the industry standard length in warranty. Depending on your requirements, you may choose to purchase either the full projector lamp replacement kit or just the bare projector lamp and save money. The performance of today’s projectors owes a great deal to the development of projector lamps. V7 Projector Lamps are at the cutting edge of lighting technology, operating at exceptional pressure and temperature levels to provide the brightest and sharpest picture
  • V7 has a unique arrangement to purchase lamps directly from the original manufacturers and, with their endorsement, to fit them into its own cages for sale directly into the replacement market assuring you complete compatibility for easy, simple and safe user replacement
  • V7 Projector Lamp replacements are of high-quality and come with a six-month guaranteed to satisfy the most demanding applications. V7 now offers lamps and lamp modules for thousands of projector models, all using original lamps from the same manufacturers who supply the projector brands with lamps used in their own lamp modules to provide you with a lamp replacement that is reliable and trouble free. V7 couples guaranteed quality with aggressive pricing to provide you with the tools you will need to make an intelligent buying decision. A few points on why you should consider the V7 brand projector lamp replacement products:
  • Great quality at a great price! V7 Projector Lamp replacements are held to the most rigorous quality standards in the industry – meeting, and in some cases exceeding, the original manufacturers’ performance requirements. The V7 brand, in most cases, is up to 30 percent less than competitive brands.
  • High Quality: V7 quality is second to none. The V7 projector lamps benefit from partner patents, decades of research, design and manufacturing experience in using only the best components, testing every lamp to ensure optimal quality and performance before each lamp is shipped.
  • Brightest and Sharpest Picture: A projector brightness relies heavily on its lamp and is a key buying factor. V7 projector lamps put out enough light for normal business or classroom situations while some of the competitor lamps provide a washed-out image in large conference rooms and classrooms. Sharpness is another critical factor in selecting a V7 lamp where projecting graphics and video images must be sharp.
  • Warranty: V7 offers a “no questions asked” six-month satisfaction guarantee with each lamp. V7 understands quality and reliability are factors to consider in purchasing a lamp replacement. V7 stands behind its product with a warranty that twice the length of their competitors. If the product fails during the warranty period, the product will be replaced or credit issued at the option of the buyer