Griffin tablet PC foldable desk stand

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Product Id: 22792336

Description: Griffin - Tablet PC foldable desk stand - for Apple iPad 1; 2; Samsung Galaxy Tab, Tab WiFi

Mfr Part #: GC16044

MSRP: $29.99

Griffin's tablet stand is a simple, beautiful tool for all kinds of tablet devices.
The sturdy A-frame design swings open to hold your tablet upright in either portrait or landscape view, perfect for reading, watching videos, or viewing pictures. Swing the A-frame stand back in and lay the tablet stand down: your tablet is at the perfect angle for desktop or tabletop surfing, typing, tapping, reading, or gaming. Your tablet rests in tablet stand's built-in cushioned cradle, designed to leave room for cables.
Key Points
  • Simple, elegant tabletop and desktop stand for your tablet device
  • Holds your tablet upright in landscape and portrait views, or at a lower, wrist-friendly angle for surfing, reading, and gaming
  • Folding A-frame design
  • Non-slip cushioned cradle holds tablets without having to remove them from their cases