VXI Everon-G Multipurpose Amplifier - amplifier

Category: Amplifiers
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Product Id: 22745556

Description: VXI Everon-G Multipurpose Amplifier - Amplifier

Mfr Part #: 201498

MSRP: $96.00

Improve the performance of your existing headsets - and get the full benefit of your VXI headsets - with the VXI Everon multipurpose amplifier. With VXI's Safe Sound Protection and Tru-Mic noise suppression circuitry, the Everon delivers the highest possible sound quality together with state-of-the-art hearing protection.
Key Points
  • Works with virtually any desk phone
  • Extended battery life saves time and money
  • Safe Sound Protection protects you from sudden sound spikes
  • Tru-Mic noise suppression eliminates background noise when you're not speaking
  • Quick and easy installation and operation
  • Microphone mute, volume adjustments and headset/handset switch
  • Simple compatibility settings, transmit adjustment (microphone volume) and battery access