DPS Q-See QSSIGD2 - imitation security camera kit

Category: Security cameras
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Product Id: 22474818

Description: DPS Q-See QSSIGD2 - Imitation security camera kit

Mfr Part #: QSSIGD2

MSRP: $49.99

Discourage potential intruders from damaging your home or office property with the QSSIGD2 - a decoy infrared camera and warning sign combo. Although non-operational, the two bullet decoy cameras help you deter theft by giving the illusion of a working surveillance camera. They're equipped with a flashing red light and require zero wiring. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and have flexible mounts for easy placement on a wall, ceiling or other flat surface. Add them to your existing surveillance system and along with the signboard for added theft-deterring protection.
Key Points
  • Has blinking light pretending that it records
  • Non-operational camera used to deceive intruders