Perle IOLAN SDS16C - device server

Category: Multistation access units (MAUs)
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Product Id: 22424704

Description: Perle IOLAN SDS16C - Device server - 16 ports - RS-232, RS-422, RS-485 - 1U - rack-mountable

Mfr Part #: 04031614

MSRP: $1,992.00

Delivering the highest performance in a 1 U form factor, an IOLAN SDSC offers robust security, reliability flexibility and IP (IPv6) technology. It is ideal for applications that require remote serial device communication, data capture or device monitoring. With 16 ports, the IOLAN SDSC has the right fit for your serial to Ethernet application. The built-in dual Ethernet and Redundant Path technology on the IOLAN SDSC provides dependable serial port access, making it the most reliable solution for connecting remote RS232, RS422 or RS485 equipment to Ethernet, all at the best price performance.
Key Points
  • 16 selectable RS232/422/485 serial port interfaces
  • Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet with Redundant Path technology
  • Advanced security features for data encryption, user authentication and event management
  • Connect directly using Telnet/SSH by port and IP address
  • Connect with EasyPort menu by Telnet/SSH
  • Use an Internet browser to access with HTTP or secure HTTPS via EasyPort web menu
  • Java-free browser access to remote serial console ports via Telnet and SSH
  • Ports can be assigned a specific IP address
  • Multisession capability enables multiple users to access ports simultaneously
  • Multihost access enables multiple hosts/servers to share serial ports
  • Dynamic DNS enables users to find a console server from anywhere on the Internet
  • IPV6 and IPV4 addressing support
  • Primary/backup host functionality enables automatic connections to alternate host(s)
  • SNMP v3 authentication and encryption support
  • Active directory via LDAP
  • Virtual modem simulates a modem connection - assign IP address by AT phone number
  • Virtual modem data can be sent over the Ethernet link with or without SSL encryption