Sangean-PR-D9W - weather alert radio

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Product Id: 22003577

Description: Sangean-PR-D9W - Weather alert radio - white

Mfr Part #: PR-D9W

MSRP: $99.99

Sangean's PR-D9W AM/FM weather alert rechargeable compact radio is a perfect companion at a picnic, a ball game, a camping trip, and even to keep you informed at home through severe weather conditions and other emergencies or power outages.
The PR-D9W is a versatile device, a well-designed portable AM/FM radio coupled with being certified as a "public alert" emergency radio. It features a built in dual alarm clock, battery selector such as alkaline/rechargeable NiMH, 19 total memory preset, super capacitor back up power for clock and memory presets, sleep and snooze function and easy to read large LCD display with adjustable illumination.
Despite the advances in technology, weather still plays a sometimes dangerous role in the lives. Internet and television are usually good sources of information, but in some weather emergencies the more old-fashioned portable radio can be essential. The PR-D9W AM/FM weather alert radio can sit by your bedside providing a pleasant tune or a little wake up call, all the while insuring that you can have weather information at any time including an emergency.
Key Points
  • FM Stereo/AM/NOAA weather band
  • 7 preset weather channel
  • Automatic alert warns you of hazardous condition
  • Flashing LED light with emergency siren
  • Auto scan tuning
  • Easy to read LCD display with adjustable dimmer
  • Dual alarm by radio or HWS (Humane Wake System) buzzer
  • Time clock setting
  • Sleep and snooze function
  • Lock switch
  • Super capacitor for power backup
  • Built-in rapid battery charger with charging LED indicator