nGenius Integrated Agent for Cisco ISR - license

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Product Id: 21954558

Description: nGenius Integrated Agent for Cisco ISR - License (pack of 4)

Mfr Part #: IA1100

MSRP: $4,000.00

The Cisco AXP - nGenius Integrated Agent for Cisco Integrated Services Routers (ISRs) embeds software-based probe technology into the routers to provide cost-effective visibility into the performance of branch-office environments.
Cisco Application Extension Platform (AXP) is used as the hosting environment to embed nGenius Integrated Agent into the routers. The Cisco AXP hosting environment provides the infrastructure to securely host, install, upgrade, and manage the nGenius Integrated Agent application. This integrated solution complements the existing nGenius hardware instrumentation strategy by extending the NetScout intelligent data source family further out into the network to bring cost-effective visibility closer to the user. This enhanced visibility further strengthens the Cisco Borderless Networks initiative that enables organizations and individuals to communicate anytime, anywhere, in any way they wish.
Key Points
  • Lowers the cost of monitoring the branch office by reducing both capital expenditures (CapEx) and operating expenses (OpEx)
  • Reduces the hardware footprint by consolidating the nGenius probe solution inside the ISR
  • Provides a unified view of the global network and consistent manageability to help ensure end-user experience in branch offices and across the enterprise
  • Speeds local troubleshooting in order to minimize the effect of network and application performance degradations on branch-office environments
  • Optimizes the service-delivery infrastructure to gain better performance and usage in branch-office locations
  • Provides an efficient means of adding service-assurance capabilities to Cisco ISRs using a simplified, single-package installation
  • Application recognition and monitoring
  • On-demand short-term packet capture and troubleshooting
  • Response-time analysis and critical performance indicators including packet loss, interpacket delay, client and server errors, and timeouts
  • Centralized application deployment and management using Cisco AXP and Cisco Services Ready-Engine (SRE) infrastructure
  • Convergence management including volume, usage, host, and conversation details for Real-Time Transfer Protocol (RTP) Voice and RTP video protocols