CODi PLUS 2 Key Lock & Flex-Head - system security kit

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Product Id: 21935481

Description: CODi PLUS 2 Key Cable Lock and Flex Head Lock - System security kit - chrome, titanium

Mfr Part #: AK0000005

MSRP: $120.00

CODi's PLUS2 Security Solution combines the security of the key cable lock with the tractability of the exclusive flex-head lock, allowing you to easily secure multiple devices at once. Simply slide the flex-head over the key cable lock to secure any two items. The key cable lock and flex-head can be master keyed for enterprise security solutions.
Key Points
  • Integrated lock design fits security slots on most laptops, desktop computers, flat screen monitors and digital projectors. Note: A security slot is required in order to utilize this security solution. Verify device for compatibility
  • Hardened steel head & tail pin built to endure wear
  • 7-pin locking mechanism deters against theft
  • Push-button technology provides easy device locking
  • Master key option available for enterprise users allowing IT or security personnel to remove the lock in the event of missing keys, protecting equipment and saving money
  • Cable lock secures to desk leg, fixed anchor or immovable structure
  • Flex head provides additional lock when multiple devices need secured
  • Includes: (1) Key Cable Lock, (1) Flex Head Desktop Lock, (2) Sets of Serialized Keys, (1) Velcro Travel Wrap, (1) Stainless Steel Washer for Chassis Closures, (1) Additional Spacer