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Description: Check Point Endpoint Policy Management Software Blade - License

Mfr Part #: CPSB-EP-VPN

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Enterprises have typically deployed some standalone point solutions for endpoint security such as a personal firewall or antivirus software. This approach quickly becomes a management nightmare in organizations with hundreds or thousands of PCs. For example, each time a software update is available for individual endpoint agents, IT must execute a rigorous engineering test cycle to qualify the release for performance and compatibility before pushing the update out to endpoints. Because it is not uncommon for enterprises to have three or more endpoint security agents on each device, implementation can become very time consuming and costly.
A strategy is to unify endpoint security with functionality on each PC that is centrally deployed and managed by IT security specialists on a single console. Unification of security functionality allows for simplified deployment and management, which lowers the overall cost of operations. With a unified agent approach, IT will only have to run test cycles for one agent and will have the assurance that each function within that agent is compatible. However, to achieve strong endpoint security, an enterprise should carefully consider functions in a particular unified endpoint solution. Only a comprehensive set of security controls can provide an enterprise with complete endpoint security.
The Endpoint Policy Management Software Blade enables you to centrally manage the security products you use on your organization's end-user devices. This means that you can take and keep control of computing devices and the sensitive information they contain.
Key Points
  • Centralized and delegated management options
  • Central monitoring and reporting on every endpoint security control
  • Faster security incident discovery, monitoring, and forensics
  • Comprehensive reporting and support for audits and compliance
  • Easier, faster deployment of software
  • Unification of endpoint security with network security event management
Product Features
  • Firewall rules
    It provides same the level of security as standard perimeter firewalls by restricting or allowing network activity based on connection information.
  • Access zones and zone rules
    It provides network security through creating groups of locations to which you assign network permissions.
  • Program enforcement policies
    It ensures that every endpoint computer meets application and version requirements before it connects to the network. For example, using program enforcement, you can require that Endpoint computers have a certain version of antivirus protection.