Tripp Lite ECO Series TLP808NETG - surge suppressor

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Product Id: 21477851

Description: Tripp Lite Eco Surge Protector Green 120V 8 Outlet RJ45 8' Cord 2160 Joule - Surge protector - 15 A - AC 120 V - output connectors: 8

Mfr Part #: TLP808NETG

MSRP: $80.00

Want to save $35 per year on your energy bill? Tripp Lite's TLP808NETG offers reliable, green surge technology that protects your computer and peripherals, the environment and your wallet. The TLP808NETG offers a unique Netbook switch that allows users to select wattage, so these are the only green surge suppressors compatible with all PCs, Notebooks and Netbooks. Energy-saving outlet configuration reduces energy waste (phantom loads) by cutting AC power to unused peripherals. TLP808NETG offers 8 total outlets, 1-line tel/network data line to protect surges from damaging your modem/fax/100Bt equipment, 8 foot cord with space-saving angled plug and diagnostic LEDs to warn of wiring problems and suppressor damage. Network-grade AC suppression rated at 2160 joules shields equipment from surges and line noise. Integrated child-safety outlet covers safely seal off unused outlets. Attractive cool gray suppressor housing with keyhole mounting tabs and 3 designated transformer plug outlets offers convenient protection of desktop computer equipment and accessories.
Key Points
  • Allows users to switch between green (auto) power save mode and standard (manual) surge protection mode
  • 8 total AC outlets with room for 3 transformer plugs without blocking outlets covers computers and all peripherals
  • "Master" outlet controls power flow for 1 primary device and up to 5 peripheral devices
  • Five "Power Save" outlets cut AC power when not in use - perfect for non-essential peripherals like monitors, printers, scanners, speakers, lamps, etc.
  • Two "Always-On" outlets provide continuous power for interminable devices such as modems, routers, external hard drives, cordless phones and fax machines
  • 1-line tel/network data line protection
  • User-selectable wattage switch accommodates PCs, netbooks and other Internet research tools
  • 2160 joules AC surge suppression shields equipment from the strongest surges and line noise
  • Long 8 foot AC line cable with space-saving angle input plug conveniently reaches distant outlets
  • Lighted power switch with integrated 15 amp circuit breaker offers power control and overload protection
  • Integrated child-safety sliding outlet covers safely seal off all unused outlets
  • Diagnostic LEDs confirm outlet grounding and surge suppression status
Product Features
  • "Master" outlet
    Allows one "Master" device to control power for up to eight peripheral devices (model dependent). "Master" device can be any 15 watt or higher device.
  • "Power Save" outlets
    In GREEN power-saving mode, these outlets have power cut by the "Master" device when idle or turned off. These outlets are recommended for intermittent-use devices such as monitors, printers, scanners, lamps, DVD players, gaming consoles, amplifiers and speaker systems.
  • "Always On" outlets
    Provide continuous power even in green power-saving mode. These outlets are recommended for critical devices such as modems, routers, external drives, cordless phones, fax machines, DVRs (TiVo), cable and satellite boxes.
  • User-adjustable wattage control switch
    Found on the back panel of the surge suppressor, this switch allows both higher-wattage (25W) and lower-wattage (15W) devices to be designated as the "Master" device. PCs, laptops, netbooks or any 15W device can control the green power-saving mode.
  • Auto/manual switch
    Allows the user to choose between green power-saving mode (Auto) or standard protection (Manual). All outlets are protected from surges in accordance with the model's joule rating in either mode.
  • Diagnostic LEDs
    "Grounded" (Red) LED assures wall outlet is grounded and surge protection can function properly. "Protected" (Green) LED assures that surge protection is present.
  • Status LEDs
    "Master", "Power Save" and "Always On" (all Red) LEDs light when AC power is present.