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Product Id: 20818741

Description: Blaze - License - 1 concurrent user - volume - 10-99 licenses - Linux, Win, Mac

Mfr Part #: 8501

Ericom Blaze - a software breakthrough in RDP compression and acceleration - addresses the challenge of slow remote desktop connections. With Ericom Blaze, you can deliver a superior local PC-like experience and fast remote desktop connections, while reducing RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 25 times - across WANs and congested LANs.
For SMBs and larger organizations, Ericom Blaze makes it possible and productive to roll out desktop virtualization (VDI), terminal services, and thin computing to remote/mobile users, branch offices and private clouds - quickly and cost-effectively.
Key Points
  • Speeds up the delivery of graphics-rich content, e.g., browsers, flash and other media-rich applications over WAN/LAN
  • Reduces the number of complaints related to RDP performance, including slow remote desktop user-experiences and network responsiveness
  • Compatible with all remote applications accessed using RDP, including graphic-intensive applications with rich user interfaces
  • Accelerates slow connections to RDP hosts, including terminal services, virtual desktops (VDI) and remote workstations/blade PCs
  • Mitigates the negative effects of slow RDP sessions and high network latency by reducing RDP bandwidth consumption by up to 25 times