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Product Id: 20682167

Description: HP 789 - 775 ml - yellow - original - print cartridge - for DesignJet L25500

Mfr Part #: CH618A

MSRP: $163.00

HP 789 775-ml yellow latex Designjet ink cartridges capture your potential. Maintain operational efficiency and high productivity with easy, reliable printing. Expand your offering with an array of outdoor and indoor applications.
Key Points
  • To cut idle time, HP Latex Inks are formulated to optimize printhead performance
  • Clearly differentiate your business with environmentally conscious customers
  • Offer a versatile array of attention-grabbing applications
Product Features
  • To cut idle time, HP Latex Inks are formulated to optimize printhead performance
    Avoid rework-the entire printing system continuously optimizes print quality and reliability. High-quality, consistent results are designed into HP Latex Inks. These inks produce high-resolution images across a wide range of outdoor and indoor applications and are specifically engineered together with HP 789 Designjet Printheads to deliver consistent results with every print. These water-based inks are formulated to optimize and maintain printhead performance, even cleaning critical surface components to prevent nozzles from clogging. Consistent, high-quality results keep your workflow running smoothly. To ensure you get high-resolution image quality every time you print, intelligent printing system technology is built into HP 789 Latex Designjet Ink Cartridges, HP 789 Designjet Printheads and your printer. Interactive communication enables automatic and continuous adjustments that optimize print quality and reliability for easy, reliable, low-maintenance printing. Impress your customers with faster turnaround times-prints come off the printer dry, odorless[2], and ready to use. Eliminate steps from the workflow and improve your turnaround time. HP Latex Inks are completely dried inside the printer to form a durable film on the print medium. Durability is comparable to eco-solvent inks.[1] Prints come off the printer dry and odorless[2] and ready-to-use, finish, and prepare for shipping or display. Print with fewer interruptions using Original HP 775-ml ink cartridges. Keep interruptions for changing cartridges to a minimum. Original HP 789 775-ml Latex Designjet Ink Cartridges are designed for high-quality, productive printing. Change only the cartridge that needs to be replaced, and keep productivity high with individual 775-ml ink cartridges. Cut idle time with HP Latex Inks, formulated to optimize printhead performance. Reduce interruptions with built-in intelligent technology that provides alerts when supplies need to be replaced. To minimize interruptions and help you maintain operational efficiency, intelligent printing system technology built into HP 789 Latex Designjet Ink Cartridges, HP 789 Designjet Printheads, and your printer enables interactive communication that provides a host of time-saving features. For example, the printing system monitors ink levels and provides automatic alerts when supplies need to be replaced.
  • Clearly differentiate your business with environmentally conscious customers
    Take full advantage of free, convenient Original HP ink cartridge recycling[7]; about 30 percent of the cartridge container is recycled plastic. Capitalize on the potential operational savings of using water-based, zero-HAPs[4], non-flammable, non-combustible HP Latex Inks. Print graphics and signage with zero HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) HP Latex Inks.[4] Because these inks are non-flammable, non-combustible,[6] and do not require hazard warning labels, you may reduce your waste disposal costs and storage and handling challenges. No special ventilation equipment[5] or external dryer requirement helps keep energy costs down. Maintain an improved printing environment-HP Latex Inks do not require hazard warning labels. Recycle HP media with ease-shipping is free and HP takes care of the rest[3]. Offer an easy recycling option. HP picks up the shipping expense and handles sorting and recycling. We're all partners in working together to reduce the impact of printing on the environment. HP makes it easy to recycle Original HP 789 Latex Designjet Ink Cartridges. Approximately 30 percent of the weight of the ink cartridge container is recycled plastic. Return HP 789 cartridges through the HP Planet Partners program-a free, convenient and industry-leading return and recycling program. Provide your printshop employees with peace-of-mind. Non-flammable, non-combustible[6] HP Latex Inks don't have hazard warning labels, do not produce ozone emissions during printing, contain no HAPs (hazardous air pollutants) or sensitizers[4], and comply with Nordic Swan criteria, version 4.2. No special ventilation is required.[5].
  • Offer a versatile array of attention-grabbing applications
    Optimize for quality, application, or cost. Select from a wide range of media and expect image quality, display permanence, and durability comparable to eco-solvent inks.[1] The HP Latex Ink formulation includes latex particles that bond to the surface of both non-absorbent, uncoated media (like vinyl) and absorbent, coated media for broad application versatility. HP Latex Inks achieve the optimum in high-quality, consistent performance on Original HP media-designed together with HP Latex Inks. Offer exciting emerging applications with the Original HP printing materials portfolio. Expand your offering with the HP media portfolio. HP offers a diverse yet select set of substrates designed together with HP Latex Inks for optimal image quality and performance. Offer emerging applications like interior wall murals and outdoor vehicle wraps. Look to the HP printing materials portfolio-from low-cost, uncoated media to a range of banner, self-adhesive, fabric, paper, mesh and specialty options-to expand your offering. Looking for options that reduce your impact of printing on the environment? Water-based HP Latex Inks achieve scratch, smudge, and water resistance (on water-resistant media) comparable to eco-solvent inks[1], but there are no special ventilation requirements[5], enabling an improved work environment. Deliver prints sure to last the life of the campaign-outdoor display permanence up to 3 years unlaminated[1]. Assure your customers the output will perform for the duration of the campaign. Outdoor prints produced with HP Latex Inks on a range of media achieve display permanence up to 3 years unlaminated, up to 5 years laminated.[1] In addition, prints produced with HP Latex Inks are compatible with most eco-solvent compatible media and are expected to achieve good image quality and display permanence. Satisfy your customers' needs-choose from most eco-solvent compatible media, including low-cost uncoated media. Enjoy the best of both worlds-scratch, smudge, and water resistance comparable to eco-solvent inks[1] and an improved work environment.