Raritan LCD KVM Switch TMCAT1728 - KVM console - 17" - with 8 MCUTP USB cables (0.6 m)

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Product Id: 20410214

Description: Raritan LCD KVM Switch TMCAT1728 - KVM console with KVM switch - 8 ports - 17" - rack-mountable - 1280 x 1024 - 300 cd/m2 - 700:1 - black - 1U - with 8 MCUTP USB cables (0.6 m)

Mfr Part #: TMCAT1728-PAC

MSRP: $2,095.00

Raritan's 1U LCD KVM (keyboard, video, and mouse) switch is ideal for secure rack management. It offers the convenience of using standard UTP cabling to connect to servers directly, while an optional second user is able to access servers from outside the server room up to 650 feet away.
TMCAT17 provides two ways to connect to servers. If the servers are all at the rack, you can use Raritan's MCUTP cable, the most up-to-date cable available from Raritan's mature Cat5 technology. For longer distance connections, you can use CAT5 cables and CIMs (Computer Interface Modules) to connect to servers up to 150 feet away. TMCAT17 is also multiplatform compliant, compatible with Windows, Linux, and Mac and Sun servers.
The Raritan LCD KVM Switch TMCAT1728 is a 17-inch industrial LCD CAT5 KVM console, dual user control of up to eight servers.
Key Points
  • Space-saving 1U design takes up to 85% less space than a standard keyboard, video and mouse
  • Cable management arm neatly routes all cables
  • Ergonomic format includes touchpad located below the space bar for centrally located input
  • OSD and front-panel controls allow for easy switching and adjustments
  • Supports easy-to-use MCUTP cables for fast installation and easy cabling
  • Built-in auto-switching of the AC power supply eliminates the need for external power bricks
  • Allows you to store multiple user names and profiles for secure access control
  • Provides on-site, flash firmware upgrades
  • Can be cascaded to control up to 256 servers at distances of up to 150 feet
  • Supports a user station for an optional second user who can be placed outside the server room, up to 100 feet away from the switch, for lights-out access
  • Simple plug-and-play installation, auto-configuration and easy-to-use, on-screen displays
  • AutoSkip bypasses inactive channels and AutoScan scans servers at variable rates
  • Manage the setup, administration and maintenance of rack-mounted servers in data centers, server rooms and other space-critical industrial environments
  • Control multiple servers from a single workstation inside or outside the server room
  • Reduce clutter and expenses